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Burgers Bar coming to Teaneck

The window signs are up - on Queen Anne Rd on the block between Mocha Bleu and the Exxon station. Poor location for a takeout place.... there's very limited convenient parking for a quick stop.

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  1. Is there an official opening date?

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    1. re: DebbyT

      I think you might find them open at noon today... just a hunch. (Dec 21, 2010)

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        Friday, January 22, 2010
        Burgers Bar open in Teaneck
        Burgers Bar has opened in the West Englewood Plaza section of Teaneck. It’s a kosher specialty burger restaurant, similar to Bobby’s Burger Palace and Five Guys. The concept started in Israel, and there are two other locations in Brooklyn and Long Island. The menu (which is similar to the Cedarhurst one here, though prices vary somewhat) is made of of beef, lamb and chicken burgers, plus hot dogs, steak, salads, fries, plus chicken fingers, wings, poppers and Moroccan cigars.

        All burgers are ground in-house, made to order and served with your choice of 17 sauces like sweet chili, garlic mayo and “orange-a-cue.” Sandwich sauces and salad dressings are made from scratch in house. There’s a seven-step ordering process, but it basically amounts to: you order and pick up your burger at the counter, then sit in one of the 40 seats, mostly booths. Check out owner Mitch Krevat’s cartoon glass collection in the back.

        The restaurant is open 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday and one hour after sundown to 3 a.m. Saturday. It’s closed Friday. 1383 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, 201-530-5022. (There’s no big sign yet - look for the old “Best Deal Liquidation” sign.)

        1. re: bigredesq

          >There’s a seven-step ordering process

          and if you don't follow them then its NO BURGER FOR YOU!

          Sorry folks, I couldn't resist :)

    2. the BB in KGH is pretty good.
      I just wish they'd learn how to
      make sweet potato fries.
      it's such a simple trick to do.

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        1. re: queenscook

          there is none, there is a burger place attached to pita hot, but its not a burgers bar, the burgers are pretty good, the fries are horrific

          1. re: shoelace

            shoe - thanks for the correction - yeah, their fries do suck.
            I just remembered Burger'something in the name... LOL
            I do remember they have the same "gimmick" of making
            fresh grilled burgers with your choice of crazy condiments.

            1. re: shoelace

              i like their burgers better than burgers bar, but the fries are unforgiveable

              just remembered the name, its called k-burger

              1. re: shoelace

                If I remember correctly, their onion rings were OK,
                certainly better than Carlos & Gabby's all crust rings.
                I'm not sure if they were from K-Burger or
                that attached Israeli food place next door,
                but they were pretty decent as I recall.

                1. re: Joe Berger

                  i love carlos and gabbys onion rings, have u had them more than once, is it possible that you had one bad experience or something?

                  i dont know anyone who hasnt loved them

                  oh, and odly the fries at pita hot arent bad, not great, but not bad, two stores attached to eachother, youd think that if one had good fries, both would

                  1. re: shoelace

                    I guess we had bad luck at Dinner.
                    I went to the C&G in Cedarhurst.

                    The french fries tasted like moth balls,
                    and the onion rings were only crust,
                    the onion had dissolved away completely.

                    their potato fries were freezer burned,
                    and whoever prepared the onion rings,
                    should have use more onion, less ring.

                    1. re: Joe Berger

                      the fries are ble thereh, but the onion rings, and the jalapeno poppers are very good, give them another try

                      1. re: Joe Berger


                        That was the saddest poem I've ever read. Sniff.

                2. re: shoelace

                  I went there once, they have no idea how to serve/make burgers or serve customers. They put the burger on teh grill when you pay, and it sits there until they are good and rwady for your "order" by then, its way way overcooked, but they dont care. You can wait all over again. Seven dolalrs is LOT for a burger, all you get is a "special sauce" you can make yourself. If you got 5 toppings with it, then ok, but its kust a sauce. Whats teh big deal? And certainly teh burger, being overcooked, made it a waste.

            2. Hey Guys - Any reviews since it's just opened?

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              1. re: wallstbnkr

                I went there yesterday and I have a few comments:

                1) Why do burger places have to put their "special spices" in the patties? Cant a burger taste like BEEF? Cant we have an option?

                2) What is up with those "fries"? Sometimes, people try to get cute with their own ideas and screw a good thing up. Thoseare not good. Way too greasy and not all of them are cooked when you get them. A lot of them stick together.

                3) if you have a choice of grilling a hot dog, browning it on a flst top or deep frying it, are you really choosing to deep fry it?

                4) put more people behind the counter. 1 guy cant take orders, pick up the phone, take money, cook and finish orders.

                Other then that....GREAT JOB!

                1. re: KosherChef

                  All Israeli french fries are soggy and greasy. K-burger is an Israeli place and it doesn't taste 'American.'

                2. re: wallstbnkr

                  We went last week and were insanely disappointed.

                  The beef patties were thin and the spices in them weren't really "there". The buns were dry. The thinly sliced fries, more like fresh chips, were cute, but tasted of oil instead of potato. There were a ton of them overdone as well.

                  The hot dogs were nothing special, but for two things: they sell a foot long dog in a normal bun, which is just odd, and not only do they not have sauerkraut, the two guys behind the counter had no idea what I was asking about. A hot dog without sauerkraut is an abomination unto Nuggan.

                  They did have a full set of Pepsi Jelly Glasses in a display case. That was neat.Also, staff was quick and helpful.

                  I can't say I'd eat there again, even on someone else's dime. I'd even rather go to (gasp) Dougies down the block if they were my only two choices (and then I'd explain ot the person why Noah's Ark should have been a choice)

                  1. re: typo lad

                    I forgot about the lack of sauerkraut, which I thought was crazy!
                    (although they were able to add caramelized onions as a topping instead, buts still...)
                    How can you sell a hot dog with no kraut?

                    1. re: KosherChef

                      Thanks for the constructive criticism...we now have sauerkraut at Burgers Bar.

                      1. re: mktgny

                        One day, when my granchildren ask me what I have done for Klal Yisroel, i will tell them of this.

                    2. re: typo lad

                      To be fair, new abominations unto Nuggan pop up all the time, you can't expect the Israelis to keep track of them all.

                  2. Well, Burgers Bar Teaneck will never be confused with Burgers Bar in Israel or, for that matter, the one in Brooklyn. For my family it is the french fries and in Teaneck they are just not making them right. They are thin but arrive mostly uncooked and all stuck together. In Israel and in Brooklyn they are cooked crispy on both sides and are still soft in the middle and very delicious. The burger wraps were tasty but not "wrapped" very well. The people behind the counter were friendly and accommodating but very, very slow. Oh and the limited seating is very limited and very tight. My friend is pregnant and we had to wait for a table because the booths were too narrow for her to sit! Too many people standing over you waiting for your table to even check out the glass collection in the back. I may try it again in a month or two after they get the kinks out. I hope they master the learning curve and get it right. I wish them well.

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                    1. re: mommysmazal

                      I love Burgers Bar. The first time I went, early this year, it was definitely a bit sub-par. However, in several trips there since, it has been amazing. The spicy burgers are flavored really well, the fries are good, and the staff very helpful. One thing that has consistently disappointed though is the lack of tehina as a topping. It is on their list of sauces, but they have never had it. I loved to put tehina on my burgers at Burgers Bar in Israel! Oh well, while disappointing, not a big deal. The place still rocks (and is definitely better than Dougies...)