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Dec 15, 2009 04:51 AM

how much flavor degredation in a whole beef tenderloin that has been frozen for three months?

I bought it on sale in October and have been saving it, as I generally can't eat a whole tenderloin by myself fast enough before it spoils. Do you think it has lost significant texture over the course of the three months? It is still wrapped in it's original casing from the store.

I want to "wow" the family with beef wellington but I'm willing to man up and eat this tenderloin myself and purchase a new one for the family if need be.

Eating an entire beef tenderloin in a few days. I know-the sacrifices we make for family!

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  1. Meat is frozen all the time. This cut will still be tender, but there is not much flavor of beef in this cut......the flavor will be in the ingredients in the Duxelles you ultimately decide to use for your Wellington recipe...

    If you decide to purchase a new Whole tenderloin, your timing is right. Whole Tenderloins are on sale now in the supermarkets for less tha $7.00 for North american Beef and under $4.00 for Australian Beef.

    1. I think you're fine. Tenderloin is generally pretty flavorless to begin with. As far as texture goes, 3 months in the freezer (as long as it was properly sealed and frozen at a constant temp) there won't be much if any degradation in texture.

      1. As long as there a no ice crystals in the meat or ice crystals appearing on the inside of the wrapper (freezer burn) you should be just fine.

        1. Assuming your home freezer is good at freezing and keeping frozen, you shouldn't have a problem. As for a whole tenderloin for one, I do it all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but whenever my local Sam's Club has USDA Prime tenderloins in the meat case I grab one fast. What I do is cut them into filets mignon, the chateau briand, tournedos and the wee tips for skewering. I wrap each steak in two layers of well sealed plastic wrap, then put them into a zip lock plastic bag with a little computer print-out label that says "USDA Prime" with the date. I've had one hide behind other things for a year and it was still delicious.