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Dec 15, 2009 04:47 AM

Canned Quail Eggs?

I made Scotch Eggs the other day using fresh quail eggs that I boiled and peeled. A somewhat tedious task! Has anyone ever used canned quail eggs? I've seen them but they sort of scare me... Just curious...

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  1. I've used them. There's nothing scary about them. You should drain the canning liquid, may be even rinse and let them sit in plain water a bit before using. I suspect for you purpose the canned would be just as good as freshly cooked. Your meat covering is well seasoned, and then cooked after forming, right?

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      yes! Thanks for the they're just hard boiled quail eggs in a can, right?

      1. re: care11

        Yes. I've only had them in pho, but I found them off-putting. and I'm in no hurry to try them again. As Scotch eggs, though, they might work.

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          Right. Just hardboiled and peeled. Except for the slight briny canned taste not very different from home cooked.

      2. Thanks all, I'll probably just stick with the fresh... :)

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          In many Asian groceries (any HMarts near you?) cans only cost around a dollar.