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Dec 15, 2009 02:10 AM

$40 for 15 Williams-Sonoma Croissants

I was wondering if anyone has ordered them and if that's the case.. where they worthy?

For Christmas Breakfast I would like to serve croissants and I am not sure if I want to yet spend so much time making htem myself since I have to take care of other dishes, so if anyone recommend these or any other you would be more than welcome.


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  1. I have only ordered the chocolate croissants, but those are delicious, well worth the time-saving effort of making your own. Also wonderful are the sticky buns, made with croissant dough. Expensive, yes, delicous, yes.

    1. They are fabulous, you won't be disappointed. I've had both the plain and chocolate croissants. My husband and I stay at the Cuisinart Resort on Anguilla and I'm sure these are the exact same croissants they serve there.

      1. They're a staple in my freezer. You let them thaw and rise, then bake fresh - OMG they rival or exceed some I've had in France. I get the regular butter croissants; they're pretty large when baked. Well worth the money. If I had to, I'd cut expenses elsewhere!

        1. Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? They also have frozen chocolate croissants that you proof and bake, at a fraction of the price (something like $3 for a box of 4). I haven't had the W-S ones so I don't know how they compare, but your guests will be happy.

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            The TJ ones are very good. I always have the chocolate ones and the mini coissants in my freezer at all times. Just defrost overnight on a cookie sheet and bake. They are $3.99 at my local TJs.

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              Sarah Lee frozen croissants are excellent, too.

          2. I've had the chocolate ones and agree with the above posters that they are delicious! Actually at $40 that comes out to $2.66 each, plus shipping. But just try to find a decent croissant at your local, or even distant, bakery, which will probably be at least $2.25 anyway, and these are tops.

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              That's exactly the way I think about it!

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                Great way to put it for me... ar eyou sure you don't have shares with them? lol haha thanks so much everyone! I just needed a little push to order these croissants.

                Thanks again and will report after.