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Dec 15, 2009 01:42 AM

What exactly is a chui chui (脆脆)?

So I've been looking through Openrice and came across a chui chui (脆脆) while looking at 勝香園 in Central. I gather 脆脆 means "crispy crispy". You can see a photo in the first review:

The way it's present looks similar to Cantonese style condense milk with toast (奶油多). Although after reading some more I think it's actually a deep fried 'piggy bun' (豬仔包). I've always seen 豬仔包 in their original longer elongated form (sort of like mini french bread shape) and never seen it look like a hamburger bun shape. Any one can shed some light?

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  1. its like a crispy toasted bun thingy and at sheng xiang yuan they serve it with butter spread, lemon juice and honey