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Dec 14, 2009 11:08 PM

Hidden Gems in and around Seattle?

What are your favorite places in and around Seattle that you don't think most people know about? Not just CHs but for regular folks, too. Places like Bamboo Garden and maybe John's PFI, that most people have driven by a million times, yet don't take the time to explore.

I know some of you don't want to give up your goldmines, but I am looking to get a little bit deeper into our food scene! Thanks

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  1. Restaurants that have been around forever often tend to fall off the radar of many food websites, blogs, and newspapers, in favor of newer, trendier spots. One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Seattle is Bakeman’s. Bakeman’s opened in 1970 and, as far as I can tell, hasn’t changed significantly in the almost 40 years since then. When I moved to Seattle in 1972, a friend insisted that we go there for lunch. I had turkey-noodle soup, a dark-meat turkey sandwich on light wheat bread (“dark on dark” in Bakemanian) with mayo and cranberry, and lemon poppy seed cake. It was love at first taste and I’ve been a regular ever since. When memories of the rich, flavorful turkey-noodle soup pop into my head, they create an almost irresistible impulse to get in my car and drive downtown. The classic turkey and meatloaf sandwiches are like great home-cooked food – nothing fancy, but oh, oh so good and so satisfying. This is not your typical processed-turkey deli meat. The turkeys are roasted every night, and the sandwiches, made with fresh-baked bread, are packed with large, moist chunks and slices that have been hand-carved off the bird. Sure there are fancier sandwiches. You won’t find a brie-and-mango-chutney panino at Bakeman’s. But I adore Bakeman’s for what it offers – an ultimate comfort food experience.

    Bakeman's Restaurant
    122 Cherry St, Seattle, WA 98104