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Dec 14, 2009 07:57 PM

The Year that Was--Best Eats of Westchester 2009--Short & Sweet


Best New Places:
Tie between the Cookery & Melt

Best Single Menu Item:
Tie between Harvest Supper's Blueberry Pancake/Bacon/Foie Gras Dish &
Whitby Castle's Lobster & Shrimp Pot Pie

Most Over-hyped New Place That Failed to Deliver:
Bedford Post Inn with close runner's up: Comfort, Frankie & Fannuci's, the Barnacle

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  1. Agreed on the Cookery, and I think their lamb bolognese also deserves a vote for best single menu item.

    Biggest Disappointment: Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown

    1. Agree on the dish from Harvest Supper being great, but they aren't in Westchester...

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      1. re: sibeats

        Ok I will edit it to read Westchester & Fairfield...speaking of which Osetra in SONO is deserving of a nod as well!

      2. To best new places, I would add Shiraz.
        Completely agree on F & F -- slick, overhyped and mediocre at best.

        1. I agree with The Cookery.
          My favorite single menu item in Westchester this year was the short rib ravioli appetizer at X20.

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          1. re: Marge

            Ooh that is a good dish. Forgot about that one!

          2. IMHO

            Best Single Menu Item(s):
            Goat cheese gnocchi at the Cookery
            Steak au poivre and potato gratin at Vox
            Eggplant polpetti at Mima
            Cheese plate at the Iron Horse Grill

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            1. re: byramgirl

              I so agree about the potato gratin at Vox - had that a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that is the best potato gratin I have ever eaten.