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Duck fat? Goose fat? Where to get?

The husband wants to do his famous duck fat roasted potatoes for Xmas -- goose fat will do, too. Where to get this? We're in Brookline, and he's asked at the local Whole Foods... any ideas?

We had a laugh when we were in London last Xmas (my husband is British) and we ran out to the local corner store one night to scrounge for stuff (the sister-in-laws house wasn't exactly a cook's paradise) and found goose fat! Boston's a bit tougher for this...

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  1. Savenor's seems to have rendered duck fat pretty consistently.

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      Savenor's generally has both - if there's none on the shelf just ask, they keep a big vat of freshly rendered duck fat at the back.

    2. Not knowing where you are located, Fruit Center Marketplace in Milton carries D'Artagnan duck fat for about 6 bucks for a 7 oz container

      1. You could give Dewar's in Newton Center or Wellelsey a call. They carry D'Artagnan products too. Also, Wasik's Cheese Shop in Wellelsey may be able to order it for you.

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          Dewar's in Newton Center usually has goose fat, not sure about duck fat, but they seem to be able (and happy) to source anything with some advance notice. They are getting us a venison loin for Christmas, can't wait.

        2. Lionette's in the South End has different fats.

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            Lionette's carries duck fat? I thought it was just a small produce store in that tiny hole :-)

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              It is tiny, but they have great stuff. I remember seeing multiple kinds of animal fats and meats.

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                They have duck fat as well as lard there!

          2. Cardullo's in Harvard Square carries Duck fat.

            1. I would say goose fat is better than duck fat, but that duck fat is easier to get because duck is easier to get.

              1. They're both great for potatoes in the winter! I save the fat each time I cook a duck breast or leg, now I have enought frozen away for years. If you ever cook a duck or goose you'll be set - a goose will give you a couple of quarts of fat (I remember something on the order of 3/4 gallon), remember to put some water in the bottom of the roaster to prevent burning.

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                  Hi Steinpilz,
                  I am going to roast a goose for this Xmas and curious how to get the fat from roasting. Could you please give more info? I will marinade the whole goose with some spices and salt, so should I preserve the fat? Tks

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                    The fat will render into the roasting pan as the goose cooks. To prevent smoking/fat burning you should put some water in the bottom of the pan at the start (this is essential/very highly recommended).

                    As the goose cooks you can remove the fat which will float on top of the water, I think I used one of those pyrex measuring cups to do this (the last time I cooked a goose was around 10 years ago). The fat will be a cloudy grey/white liquid and there will be a lot, I nearly filled a wok with the rendered fat from one goose!

                    You might want to think of starting quite early, or cooking it the day before, as goose is big and between cooking/collecting fat/carving tends to take over the whole kitchen.

                    Have a great Xmas!

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                      I think a while back I found out you could order it through Mayflower poultry, but you did have to order like 4 lbs or something... a lot, but it sure would be useful in cooking..

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                        Thank you, Steinpilz. Happy holidays!