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Corn Dogs at a restaurant? [MSP]

I'm taking my 5 year old niece for a very special aunt/god-daughter evening. When I asked her what her favorite food in the world for dinner would be- she replied with corn dogs. Does anyone know of a Minneapolis restaurant that serves corn dogs?

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  1. The 5-8 Club serves corn dogs-my 6 year old always orders it!

    1. A lot of bar like restaurants have mini-corndogs. I'm pretty sure the Herkimer does. Also, I think Ikea does, which may be fun for a 5 year old.

      1. Herkimer has them with funky sauces, but I'm sure you could pursuade them to bring out some plain old ketchup.

        BW3s every have them.

        Town Talk Diner and The Wienery do not, which is weird.

        1. Mac's Industrial; aforementioned miniature variety. I would not bring a kid here.

          1. What a thoughtful Aunt you are. Apologies if you meant Minneapolis proper, but uber-family friendly Groveland Tap in St. Paul serves mini-corn dogs (I haven't tried them, myself). http://www.grovelandtap.com/menu.php?... Sadly, their sister restaurant, Longfellow Grill, in Minneapolis doesn't seem to serve corn dogs.


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                Would you bring a kid to the Independent? I've only looked in when it's not been busy, but it doesn't seem especially family friendly from the outside. But I have no actual experience with the place, so I'm curious.

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                  Maybe for a lunch, but not in the evening. They card at the door during the evening.

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                    i'm having a hard time thinking of places that serve corn dogs that are *not* bars, and therefore places i'd hesitate to bring a young child to. i think TDQ's suggestion of the groveland tap is the most family-friendly so far.

            1. Is there a Red Robin near by? The Red Robin near us serves corn dogs.

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                Actually, I would probably take a child to the Independent. I guess I've never really been there late enough where they card....and I've been there on a weeknight and over the weekend. When I'm thinking dinner with a child-I'm thinking for the most part-pre-7:00, in which case, I think in a booth not too late, sure why not? It's got a lot of colors---booths and tables are far enough away from the bar? Later in the evening, by the pool tables, etc. probably not but early on enough in the evening....I'd take my niece or nephew there....if we're going for corn dogs.

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                  BOB S -I should probably note that if given other options-say Red Robin, which are MORE kid friendly, I would opt for that OVER Independent. Every time I have been there - i Have never seen a kid so I guess I might have to re-think my former answer. Also, I should note -I don't HAVE kids but if I would take my niece (whose 11) there on an early evening or Sun late afternoon for corn dogs if she wanted. The atmosphere is definitely more adult and if she was looking to be also be entertained, then no.

              2. Memory Lanes in S Minneapolis (26th and 26th) does a good rendition of the mini variety. As an added bonus, you can add bowling to your evening's agenda! They serve food in the lanes or in the bar/restaurant (Flashback Cafe).