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Dec 14, 2009 05:44 PM

Corn Dogs at a restaurant? [MSP]

I'm taking my 5 year old niece for a very special aunt/god-daughter evening. When I asked her what her favorite food in the world for dinner would be- she replied with corn dogs. Does anyone know of a Minneapolis restaurant that serves corn dogs?

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  1. The 5-8 Club serves corn dogs-my 6 year old always orders it!

    1. A lot of bar like restaurants have mini-corndogs. I'm pretty sure the Herkimer does. Also, I think Ikea does, which may be fun for a 5 year old.

      1. Herkimer has them with funky sauces, but I'm sure you could pursuade them to bring out some plain old ketchup.

        BW3s every have them.

        Town Talk Diner and The Wienery do not, which is weird.

        1. Mac's Industrial; aforementioned miniature variety. I would not bring a kid here.

          1. What a thoughtful Aunt you are. Apologies if you meant Minneapolis proper, but uber-family friendly Groveland Tap in St. Paul serves mini-corn dogs (I haven't tried them, myself). Sadly, their sister restaurant, Longfellow Grill, in Minneapolis doesn't seem to serve corn dogs.


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                Would you bring a kid to the Independent? I've only looked in when it's not been busy, but it doesn't seem especially family friendly from the outside. But I have no actual experience with the place, so I'm curious.

                1. re: bob s

                  Maybe for a lunch, but not in the evening. They card at the door during the evening.

                  1. re: drew13000

                    i'm having a hard time thinking of places that serve corn dogs that are *not* bars, and therefore places i'd hesitate to bring a young child to. i think TDQ's suggestion of the groveland tap is the most family-friendly so far.