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Dec 14, 2009 05:33 PM

Christmasy spot feeling humbug

I need a good dose of cheer.
A place for a drink or some food that will make me feel all christmasy as I'm feeling a bit humbug.
Have christmas dinner at the Smokehouse every year it's a hoot but could really use some cheer a.s.a.p.
Any ideas.
Hotel bar to Dining thats decked out with a holiday overdose.
Thanks folks!

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  1. Although I have never been, I know people that go to Tom Bergin’s every year for its Christmas Carolers. I just called Bergin's and was told the dates this year are: December 16-17 and December 20-21, two shows nightly at 7:15PM and 9:15PM.

    Tom Bergin's Tavern
    840 S. Fairfax Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 936-7151

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    1. re: yinyangdi

      Thank you yinyangdi I forget about that place all the time sounds fun, a bit loud but I like the good idea throw in a few friends, i see smiles.

    2. A holiday tradition with us is breakfast or lunch at O'Malley's on Main Street in Seal Beach. In December they have beautiful decorations up that make this Irish pub even cozier, especially if you get a spot near the fireplace across from the bar. There's a patio too, for warmer weather. Good food all year long!

      Sorry, the Chow link doesn't seem to recognize this place. There are four Irish pubs/bars on Main, but O'Malley's is the only one on the south side of the street.

      1. Tam O Shanter Inn in Los Feliz may have the christmasy but not over-the-top christmasy type feeling you're looking for.

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        1. re: DrBruin

          lawry's on la cienega is nice for holiday.....the decor and carolers

        2. thanks folks.
          well it was after christmas but before the new year and made it to Tam O'Shanter hung over and it fit the lunch bill perfectly.
          Rainy outside fireplace inside and the sandwich bar for chili and sammy's.
          I live near and always forget about this place but firmly implanted it.
          Thanks again

          1. Reviving this post from last year to see what's new
            From weho/bev hills to los feliz..
            And as much as I want a burger I am avoiding the grove/ farmers market .