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Dec 14, 2009 05:23 PM

Bacon Sundae

I ate at Green Goddess last night and for dessert they had the most amazing bacon sundae! The ice cream is New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Praline Crunch. There are small bits of bacon over the ice cream along with a delicious bacon caramel and pink and black salt. There is also a generous helping of whipped cream.

This dessert is amazing. If you are a bacon lover you must have it!

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  1. OhMyGod. I am a bacon lover and I am psyched as hell just to READ about it, though I am many miles away. Was the praline actually candied bacon? I am sure it was heavenly.

    1. It was on the specials board last time I ate at Green Goddess, and I was sorely tempted. One problem: I don't much like NO Ice Cream Co's praline crunch tipped the scale to "no" for me.

      1. Oh Dear Lord, I thought I had heard it all, but this is over the top. Does a cardiac specialist come with it?

        1. Delmonico had a neat "Peanutbutter Chocolate Bomb" with worked really well.