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Dec 14, 2009 04:55 PM

Room Service Charges

I was inspired to post this new topic from my room at a Holiday Inn in Toronto. I just recieved my room service order and the bill included a $2.50 "food charge", $2.50 "room service" charge and an already included 15% tip which, frankly I am not sure is based on the food only or the whole silly bill. The entire bill was a grand $18.45. You can see not all that much of the bill was actually for the food! To add insult to injury they leave a prominent spot for the "tip"...which I first added then deleted when I saw that they had nicely added that for me.

So low end chain with big buck add ons for room service. I have stayed in some pretty high end hotels around the world and I have seen some imaginative charges. I am curious what other chowhounders have experienced in the hotel room service charge industry.

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  1. I'm not a room service guy myself, but once I stayed at a Doral Hotel in Princeton,NJ and my girlfriend used room service after her Spa Treatment......One Caesar Salad with Chicken and two glasses of of approximately $ pay for the convenience of private dining.....I'm sure the charges are clearly printed on the Hotel Guide provided in each room.

    1. I travel the world at high end places and I LOVE room service but it is very pricey and it is usually spelled out on the room service menu..
      Delivery Charge is usually between $3-10 with the minimum 15-20% gratuity and they leave the tip area open to add more for them.
      I mostly order from the kids menu since most of the time its from late night drinking and all I want is some chicken fingers with fries or a cheeseburger, tater tots..mac n'cheese with a sundae..
      I do feel your pain but there is something to be said to dine in your suite with pj's on the bed and all those condiments!
      I take them all and use them and save the super cute glass jars for all my flowers around the house.

      1. This is typical, which is why I rarely if ever room service unless I'm on a corporate account.

        1. I once ordered some fruit at a Marriott in London and they charged 30 pounds for an apple an orange a banana and some grapes plus service charge and the guy wanted a tip.

          We argued with the manager next morning and got it down to 10 pounds.