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Dec 14, 2009 04:21 PM

Melbourne fish and chips

Lived in Melbourne 20 yrs ago and will be coming back in town. Want to re-visit some 'comfort food' types of places, although my old haunts likely don't exist any more. Suggestions for any of the following are appreciated -
- fish and chips take away
- gelaterias on/around Lycan St
- souvlaki
- fishmonger to get catch of the day to cook up myself


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  1. They're all still there I think!

    The gelati place on Lygon Street has moved a couple of doors. Lambs is still the definitive souvlaki (St Kilda or Lygon), Danny's in Fitzroy or Andrews in Albert Park for burgers. Prossers (or any of the other places) at the Vic Market for fishmongers.

    Have to say don't have any stand out recommendations for fish and chip takeaways

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      Half Moon Bay fish and chippery in Sandringham does some of the best take away in Melb.

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        I would avoid O-lambs (I assume that is the same as 'Lambs') become something of a chain like experience. For souvlaki I would recommend stalactites on corner of Russell St & Lonsdale St, it's open 24 hours a day so the meat is constantly cooking resulting in an excellent flavour. For the turkish equivalent head out to Alasya on Sydney Rd for one of their doner kebabs.

        Gelobar on the Brunswick end of Lygon St is a perennial favourite on a hot night.

        I too would go with prossers for fishmongers.

        There is a Fish 'n Chip place in Newmarket (on Racecourse Rd) which I think does stand out chips. But I feel like for excellent fish 'n chips you need to go to coastal towns. Port Fairy come highly recommended (I haven't been there since I was ten, but have good memories of the fish and chips) - of course you have to be prepared to travel 5 hours which seems excessive for a meal of fish and chips.

        Have fun.

        1. re: irisav

          I second stalictites - great souva.