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Dec 14, 2009 04:02 PM

George Restaurant on 111 Queen St. East in Toronto- seeking info

Chow folks,
any reviews on George Restaurant?
Details please!

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  1. Great service, nice room. The food is generally very good, some may have choosing from their occasionally limited menu. I've generally been quite happy there and usually go a couple of time /year. Quite reliable. Dinner for 2 with a glass or two of wine will approach $200. Haven't been in about 3 or 4 months, so can't comment on current menu.
    All in all, quite good for a special occasion.

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    1. re: DDD

      Thanks for your post, good to know the atmosphere will be enjoyable.
      I was put off by the weak "vegetarian tasting dishes are available seasonally" with no details at all on their website.
      I prefer vegetarian and fish dishes and read their veg tasting menu was uninspired in a review on Trip Advisor. I am not looking forward to paying $70 for a vegetarian tasting menu with no descriptive invitation of thoughtful dish creation. I was reading their dinner menu and I found it limited and too modern for my palate, even in my omnivore days. But then and now intercontinental food would not be my first choice for fine dining.

      1. re: Idas

        Call in and ask, I'm sure they can design something to your liking as long as you give them advanced warning. Most restaurants like these have menus that change quite frequently, depending on availability of product. That's why you don't see the tasting menu listed in detail.

        1. re: aser

          To some degree that makes sense however they did list the specific side vegetables (seasonal and all) beside there meat tasting items...just sayin'

    2. With the 'old' Splendido, Perigee, Truffles all disappeared. George, IMO, provides the best tasting menu in town. Colborne Lane is good too but some dishes can get a bit too psychedelic.

      1. I did a report on a night at George about 6 weeks ago.

        Have to say that we were pretty underwhelmed - disappointed, even. With both the food and the service.

        We went later on a Friday night and the place was far from jammed. Our waiter was surly and absent. Most of our dishes came cold and had that look of sitting under the lamp too long. All of the food tasted the same, with little distinguishing flavour. We were actually fidgeting to get out of there. No atmosphere or desire to linger. Interesting looking room, but sterile and indifferent atmosphere - from both staff and customers. For the cost, we should have spent our money at Auberge or Jacob, or almost anywhere else.

        It feels over-rated and under-achieving...

        1. My last visit (on a busy night) was very disappointing and way overpriced for what we received. I would pass during a hectic season and wait for the warmer weather (I love their patio).

          1. I've only been once, but really enjoyed the tasting menu. Myself and my SO liked how we each were served different dishes, which is something I haven't seen in a while.
            If I remember correctly we were served a total of 16 dishes between the two of us without a single 'miss'. It's a pretty popular place so if you want a full review you could probably find one in past threads. I was thinking Stoned wrote one a while back but I could be mistaken.
            The tasting menu is loooong. Like 3+ hours. Ours was more like 4 hours, and it wasn't a busy night. So be prepared for that.