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Dec 14, 2009 03:52 PM

Gather - Berkeley

Another new place, Gather, in the new building at the corner of Allston and Fulton. Right across the street from campus, down the block from Cancun, around the corner from Great China.

Local, sustainable, organic to the max, all-California wine list, full bar (lots of Square One). Dinner nightly, lunch and breakfast coming soon.

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  1. Very boring menu 'Berkeley can and has done better

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      1. re: mustardgirl

        I find the menu appealing. Would have tried it Monday but the report on Eater that it had opened was wrong, the sign in the window said it was going to open Tuesday.

        1. re: mustardgirl

          Oh, please, don't bring the negative, yet uninformed, spirit of Yelp to Chowhound. Who cares if the menu isn't revolutionary. What matters is the taste. I'm curious to hear from anyone who has actually been.

          1. re: peterme

            I've loved everything I've had there - including the cinnamon braised lamb, the pork cheeks, a green salad which had persimmons and hazelnuts, and a vegan pizza. The olives and sauce on that thing were amazing.

            Also, for the original poster, the place is actually on Oxford - the name of that street changes from Fulton to Oxford where it passes the university. It's at 2200 Oxford, corner with Allston.

            Edit: What I'm really looking forward to is lunch!

            1. re: abracadavra

              All the maps I have show Oxford north of Allston and Fulton south of Allston, though Gather's Web site does list the address as 2200 Oxford. Maybe they changed that block to Oxford.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                The google map street view shows the street sign on the corner reads Allston Way and Oxford.

                1. re: wolfe

                  The city's parcel map still shows it as 0 Fulton St.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    You are probably right, most people will locate the restaurant on the parcel map and ignore the street sign.

            2. re: peterme

              My sister has been; her opinion was meh-ish, but I haven't been, so I'm not going to comment.

          2. Esquire names Gather as one of the best; any updated comments??

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            1. re: DebitNM

              While I have enjoyed the couple of meals I've had there, I think that Esquire is being rather kind. My guess is their endorsement has more to do with the local/sustainable ethos, than the food itself.

              Or, as a fashion magazine, maybe they just liked the upholstery made of old belts.

              1. re: Rapini

                I found the place not ready for prime time shortly after it opened--both food and service needed improvement.

                A few weeks ago, however, I had one of the best restaurant meals in living memory there.

                I was getting ready to fly to NYC so probably didn't take time to take any notes--I particularly recall a ricotta "cake" with veggies and a lively tomato sauce, but everyone's dishes were ooh and ahh, from vegetarian charcuterie to hamburger and even dessert.

                I was dazzled.

            2. Thanks! My quest for restaurants with the increasingly popular organic/local/sustainable philosophy is never-ending. One more to add to the list!

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              1. re: Nate650

                Gather's bar is certified organic, I think they said it was only the second in the US.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Wow, thanks for the info! Now I have to go there sooner than I planned :)

              2. I haven't read the outside reviews, but I assume they are base on the premise that I had before I went for lunch--that this is an upscale, expensive restaurant with high prices and a formal atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised when I was brought here for a work lunch and found out that lunch is generally counter service and quite affordable for high quality, sustainable ingredients. The pizza I had was great, and had excellent reports on the kale salad. I went back later on my own accord and had a great duck sausage sandwich, though the side greens were a bit overdressed. Even so, a great value for Berkeley lunch. It is rare that I can be persuaded to venture into mediocre downtown Berkeley to for anything other than my own homemade lunch, but this place is on my interested list.