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Dec 14, 2009 03:46 PM

Deer Valley, Utah

I will be in Deer Valley in January and would appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. Mariposa at the Deer Valley Resort is probably the best restaurant in Utah. Standouts include the wild mushroom beggar's purse, the sablefish Mariposa, and the rack of lamb. Take care, though, as it is VERY expensive...$300 for a tasting menu and vegetarian tasting menu with no booze. For cheaper eats, you could go to Zoom, Robert Redford's bar and grill in Park City. The food's OK and the atmosphere is great. Restaurant Jean Louis is kind of has a fine dining atmosphere, but across the room is a loud and vibrant bar scene. In addition to fine dining dishes, they also serve things like Po-Boys! Both kinds of food are pretty's just a little strange. Personally, we like Grub's a very affordable steakhouse away from the main strip. The food is good and the service is always great.

    1. You've probably heard this before, but the Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley Resort is fabulous. A little pricy, 60 some dolllars but well worth it, and it's not just all seafood. but of course that is the star attraction. Everything there is top notch. Who would have thought seafood in the midde of Utah?

      1. Mariposa gets my vote. Great food and service. Beware, though, it is very expensive.

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          "Grub" is really The Grubsteak. It's in Prospector Square.
          The Seafood Buffet is a once a year extravagance for me. It's one of those things where you don't want to eat all day, get there early, and spend the entire evening sampling all they have. There is enough variety in the food to satisfy anyone's appetite.
          The Mariposa is definitely good. I've gone twice and was very happy. I can't afford it, though, unless someone else is picking up the tab.
          If you are going to be in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival (1-21 to 1-31), then all bets on where to eat are off. Many of the places are either already booked up or are taken totally private during that time. Head off the main strip - Grubsteak could be good, as can El Chubasco (our local Mexican dive), and further out to the Junction, Red Rock, Hapa Grill, and a new entry, Maxwell's (new home of Fat Boy pizza from The Sidecar). Oh, don't forget about the Royal St. Cafe at DV Resort for an early dinner (open until 8), Fireside Dining at the Empire Canyon Lodge at DV Resort.
          Oh, don't mess the desserts at DV - one of my friends is a pastry chef there (does all the pastries for Snow Park Lodge).

        2. The best food in Park City these days can be found at Spruce, in the Dakota Mountain Lodge at The Canyons. The Mariposa is a rip-off. Compared to the other top ski resort towns, the restaurants in Park City are lame.