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Dec 14, 2009 03:42 PM

Local/Sustainable/Organic in Houston?

Hi, I'm moving back to houston from DC, and am wondering if in the past 4 years any restaurants have opened up that tout being locally-sourced and/or sustainable?

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  1. I read a few months ago, in the "Texas" issue of Saveur, about a restaurant called T'afia that supports local and sustainable. I will be in Houston soon for a short visit. Any recommendations?

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      T'afia has had mixed reviews on this board, but I have eaten there several times and have always enjoyed it. They have terrific cocktails, too.

    2. you should also ck , Indika's restaurant on lower westheimer. Anita J and Kendra are offering a "Farmer's Market" Cooking Class in April you might find interesting... Actually the 2010 cooking class list has just been sent to some of the faithful.. Limited to 10 per class you'll get a sense of why this restaurant is so successful. What makes Indika so special, besides the inventive and beautiful presentation each plate offers, is the fresh flavor of the ingredients used.. Add top notch personal service, a terrific hostess, an entertaining and hip beverage mgr and affordable prices,, Indika's is one of my favorite restaurants, anywhere...

      1. Add Ruggles Green, which just recently opened, as being a totally "green" restaurant, and take a look at Reef. I will say that Monica Pope, of t'afia, is a big crusader for local, organic food (which she serves), and there is a farmers market at her place on Sat mornings where you can get all kinds of great organic, local fresh food, and some great Texas cheese from the Houston Dairymaids, all kinds and all great. Take cash.

        There are a lot of restaurants that have their own gardens now, but the only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Rainbow Lodge. If you dig around you will find what you are looking for, beyond what we have told you.