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Dec 14, 2009 03:23 PM

"El Rincon" in Morgan Hill has moved up; now it's "Sangria's"

You may remember posts about "El Rincon", a surprisingly excellent upscale nuevo Mexican place in Morgan Hill.

Well, Chef Alberto has moved to the other side of Monterey Road and has opened "Sangria's", a larger, better-equipped and decorated restaurant. Now Chef Alberto is assisted by several friendly, professional waitstaff and kitchen assistants. It might be a little hard to find - it's upstairs in a funky old wooden commercial building, in a space that used to house "Izakaya", a Japanese restaurant.

Sangria's prepares the same dishes as the old El Rincon, plus it has added several more items as well. Unfortunately, they did not yet have a paper takeout menu printed, so I can only mention a few from memory.

We started off with tamalitos, little banana leaf-wrapped flat chicken tamales, which were napped with a luscious red-brown mole. Chef Alberto's very strongest point, in my opinion, is his mole-making ability.

Then I had a seafood-stuffed relleno, which was very good, and my husband had shrimp diablo, which was as fiery as the name implied. This came with rice and a sauce that included escabeche. The shrimp were large and fat and tasty.

We shared a caramel flan for dessert. The flan was dense and chilly and came in a generous puddle of clear caramel sauce and a thread of spun caramel. It did a good job of cooling off the fiery shrimp.

We learned from waiter Martin that this is only the soft opening, and that the ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place this Friday, the 18th. There were few people in for an early Sunday dinner, like us, but they said that on Saturday night the place was packed. I guess the Morgan Hillians had gotten the word.

They do Sunday brunch, which we have yet to try, but I'm thinking we'll do that this Sunday. Sorry, I forgot to ask about lunch hours, but assume he's going to be doing lunch as well, just like at El Rincon.

Highly recommended. It's the best restaurant in Morgan Hill.

17415 Monterey Road #207
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
(408) 779-2939

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  1. Any new reports? How's the brunch?

    17415 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

    1. Has Sangria's closed down ? I've driven by 3 times in the last 2 weeks - no lights on the whole building. Btw- It was dark out , and couldn't see if there was a sign posted on the door.

      Or does anyone know if perhaps they're on vacation ? Hope that's the case - I really enjoyed their food.

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        Doesn't look good, the phone number is disconnected. Hope it has relocated somewhere and not gone for good.

      2. Both Sangria's and El Rincon are closed. Peered in the windows this morning - both are completely empty - no furniture /wall decor / equipment. No signs on the doors.
        Nothing. :(

        El Rincon Mexicano
        17400 Monterey St Ste 1F, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

        El Rincon
        2700 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103