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Cooking Instruction on the Westside

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My daughter is finally out on her own and wants (needs) to learn more about cooking for herself. Does anyone know somewhere she can take some basic cooking classes?
Maybe a YMCA, or the Learning Annex, or some such place? Please notice that I am not speaking of a culinary school. She works full time, so she wouldn't have time for that. Thanks Chowhounds !

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  1. Chef Eric's Culinary Kitchen (Pico & Pelham -?-) is the the best school/class I've found.
    Just gave my graduating granddaughter their 4 week "basic training" class which is wonderful. One night a week, 7:00 - 10:00 for four weeks. This is fully hands-on, followed by a full 6-7 course, great meal every week It's about $350, and worth every cent. They also have everything from single classes, to a complete course for professional chef training. Most importantly, Chef Eric is a born teacher.

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      Thank you Bruce, Just what I was looking for,