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Dec 14, 2009 02:21 PM

Small, Low-lit, Cozy, Romantic Restaurant Needed!

Here's what I need hounds (and I know Philly very well so anywhere is fine): heading into the city on Jan. 2nd with someone I am trying to rekindle a relationship with. We are going to walk around, see some (post) holiday sites, hopefully stroll arm-and-arm through Rittenhouse Square (or similar venue) and then I want to go to a small, low-lit, cozy, warm and romantic restaurant for dinner where I can sit close to her, look into her eyes, and.....well you get the picture.

BYOB would be really nice but not a necessity. Not uppity or expensive (which will make her uncomfotable) but definitely cozy and romantic. If I have to take a cab to get there (we'll be in center city) then fine. Am thinking of places like: August; Pumpkin; Caffe Casta Diva; Sat/Sun/Mon; etc. Cusine should be straight ahead and comfort food. Thanks for any and all suggestions. If all goes well I'll be a happy man come the new year........

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  1. I can't help, but I am very happy for you!

    1. Mr Martino's Trattoria on East Passyunk is a great date place; it is very cozy and romantic. BYOB Italian. A bonus is that it is really cheap, too. Not sure how close you will be able to sit to her as there are no booths, but it is a really cute place. You can stroll the avenue before or after. Reservations recommended.

      1. It's only semi-cozy, but you might try Salento. If you like Mexican, Tequilas has several rooms and they fit your description of low-lit and cozy; I like the food, too.

        1. Another thought - Tinto. Can't get much more romantic than sharing each other's food. A table downstairs might be just what you're looking for - dim, cozy, more intimate than the ground floor.

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            Not really "comfort" food, though...

          2. How about Littlefish or Bibou?

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              With the open kitchen, Little Fish gets a little chaotic, but Bibou would be nice. BYOB, takes reservations, and the owners are charming. It is a little tight in there, but I suspect if you specified that you wanted a table along the wall or the one in the corner, it would be lovely.