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Dec 14, 2009 01:40 PM

Vegan/Veggie lunch optionS near Bowdoin/Govt Ctr

I've been seated for a jury at Suffolk Superior and I need to find lunch in the area all week (it's going to be a long one). I lived in the North End for 5 years and know the area well, but since moving further out I have gone p.t.-vegan--not total "straightedge militant hardcore vegan", but "health conscious, Bittman-inspired Vegan until 6pm". So in other words if there is the option, I take it, if not i'll go vegetarian.... if thats not an option, and since I'm from the midwest there are times of the year when it is not, I don't sweat it too much. Nonetheless I realized as I headed out today that the lunch-scape is much different now, and I felt a stranger in my own home.

I went to Flamepoeira on Lewis Street today and got a bamboo and noodle dish but was pushing the time limit walking back (I get an hour, and have to go down 10 storeys or so, get there, eat, and return).

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  1. Maybe you could order take-out from Grezzo in the Northend & just pick it up. I would also think Phoenicia at 240 Cambridge St. would have options:

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        I'd second that: I work nearby and grab lunch from there often. It's a short walk down Cambridge St to the WF in Charles River Plaza, and there are plenty of vegan options available. Plenty of seating inside the store, if you're eating in.

      2. Here's a place mentioned in GrubStreet Boston today. Appears to be 0.6 miles away.

        Merchants Row has a new lunch spot: Aristo Café is now open in the old Finagle-a-Bagel spot at 92 State Street. The simple menu offers a few salads and an array of both hot and cold sandwiches that range from the staples (croque monsieur) to the creative ("pranayama" with grilled veggies, tofu, sprouts and hummus).

        If you're stopping by in the morning, the breakfast sandwiches will be available as of tomorrow, along with coffee and pastries.


        1. Probably not good with your time constraints, but my DC just had the veggie burger at Houston's and loved it. It looked like a real burger - nice grilled crust - definitely not a GardenBurger.

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            YES. It is fabulous! And the burger is vegan. Just ask for it without cheese if you want vegan... it comes with cheese by default.