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Dec 14, 2009 01:06 PM

Babbo Montreal

Has anyone been to this new restaurant? I am very interested in hearing a review!


Babbo Montreal
6896 Rue St-Dominique, Montreal, QC

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  1. Notorious Sparrow line jumper Gildas Meneu gave the place a very good review in last week's Voir.

    1. Going tonight with a large group... will report back ;)

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      1. re: immaterialgirl

        Is it related at all to NYC's Babbo or are they just playing on the name-recognition factor?

        1. re: kpzoo

          It has nothing to do with the Batali joint (which is fabulous if you ask me). Babbo is a familiar word for dady in italian and many italian restaurants (in Italy I mean) share the name. But I'll they're playing on the recognition factor though I doubt that many people have heard about Babbo NYC here in Montreal, other than foodies I mean.

            1. re: Shattered

              Well, he did say he enjoyed the duck, linguine, and dessert. Gave 2 out of 4 stars overall, not a complete disaster.

          1. Slow reply, but I went last winter with a group of about 8 and rather enjoyed my experience there.

            I was delighted to walk in to find rows of Stark Louis Ghost chairs and stylish modern decor... The particulars of said decor, may not have been finished in the details as I might have liked but it was dark and I tried not to look too closely and focus on the food.

            I have to say that like it when a menu is short but sweet with a concise selection and theirs had a perfect amount of choice; about six starters, eight or nine plats principales and something like three deserts. What'd you'd hope to find in a small restaurant sticking to their best dishes and keeping them fresh!

            I had a salmon a tartare for an entrée which was a little lacklustre, fresh, nicely presented but with too much onion and nothing much else. I would have liked to see it dressed with some sort of citrus emulsion or at the very least a little lemon juice. My partner's Antipasti plate however was to die for! Generous portions of three kinds of charcuterie, two nice mounds of salad and some balsamic reduction drizzled over top – I had to steal a taste. A friend enjoyed the millefeuille mentioned in the Voir review, had me regretting my choice of tartare and wishing I'd tried it as well.

            I have to admit that I don't go out often for Italian, mainly because those experience I've had in Montreal have been far from pleasing but Babbo's was a welcome treat...