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Dec 14, 2009 12:56 PM

Pretty bottles for gifts of liqueur? [MSP]

A friend asked me where in the Twin Cities he can buy attractive bottles for his holiday infused vodka. He thinks I'm an expert in these things. I'm not, but I hate to admit that, so I'm turning to you. I think he would be OK with either cork-topped or swing-top bottles (and maybe even screwtop bottles) but they need to be big - 500ml or 750ml - and they should be nicer looking than a Stoli vodka bottle with the label removed.

I know I've seen small bottles (for stuff like herb vinegar) at cooking stores, and plain wine bottles at brewing supply stores. But I'm drawing a blank for pretty, large bottles. Any ideas?


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  1. I once saw someone who put homebrew in glass bottles they bought at Ikea-- pretty nice looking.

    They have a decent variety of bottles at Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue in St Paul. My husband used really nice bottles (slim and tall with cork tops) from them to put the limoncello he made in - those were too small for your friend but he should check out their selection...

    1. I have purchased swing-top bottles at the Wedge (above the bulk oils, etc). Kitchen Window also has a nice selection of bottles. I think larger bottles are available at both of these.

      1. I bought bottles at Pier One a long time ago. I don't have a clue whether they still carry them - or even whether they're still in the Cities. (I know I'm a provincial Uptowner.)

          1. Thanks, all! I think my friend decided on Pier One - there's one in his far-flung suburb, and the web site still shows those pretty bottles. But I'm keeping track of these other suggestions for my own use. (I've got several infused vodkas under wraps - grapefruit, coconut, and saffron - and maybe pomegranate, cranberry, and vanilla soon.)


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              One option for the future in case you don't find what you need is

              I've bought swing top bottles and nice herb jars from them. Lots of options and pretty inexpensive.

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                Also, Goodwill , DAV, Value Village and Ax-Man are all great places to find bottles. You'll need to sterilize 'em and buy your own corks (Ax-Man sells corks, too!) but the prices are very good .

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                  oooh! Ax-man was a good suggestion! I love me Ax-Man.

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                    Ax-Max is so weird, and I mean that in a good way. You just never know what you're going to find there! Lately, I've been intrigued by the tiny Northwest Airlines forks (this is at the University Ave location. The forks are in one of aisles closest to the entrance.)


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                      I've been eying the NWA bento boxes. I've no earthly use for them, I just kinda want 'em. St. Louis Park location, on the 'mezzanine' level by the back wall.