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Dec 14, 2009 12:12 PM

24 Hours in Houston

I just found out that I'm going to Houston for a very short stay. I have 3 meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast with some time). I'm currently a NYC chowhound, and I'm not looking for ethnic food or anything I can get as good in NYC. Really looking for BBQ / Texas cuisine, and more general American food for breakfast. Also open to cajun / mexican food, which I've found is better in Houston. I'll be staying in downtown Houston but will be near Hobby Airport for lunch and breakfast. I'll have a car but I'll be somewhat flexible.

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  1. For casual, local Mexican near Hobby I like Taqueria del Sol, on Park Place right off I-45. They have their own panaderia, and when the pan dulce is coming out of the oven the aroma wafts through the restaurant!

    1. Breakfast near Hobby, Kelly's County Cooking on Broadway, or is it Park Place? For BBQ, Luling City Market on Richmond, but get there around 11 to beat the rush and get the best food.

      1. If you are near Hobby Airport, don't miss Don Carlo's Mexican Restaurant on Broadway - I love love love their beef fajita quesadillas. They have good queso also which you get with your chips for free. You can see by the reviews at the link below that it is somewhere good -

        If you want cajun, Boudreaux's at Gulfgate (on Woodridge just off of I-45) is pretty good. Their shrimp are NOT good, they are farm raised and have no flavor. But their oysters are great and their St. James Salad is to die for. Their etouffee is decent too - try it with their dirty rice. I like their boudin balls too.

        James mentioned Kelley's Country Cooking. It's on Park Place and I-45. It has huge portions. Pancakes as big as big as your head. They are only fair in quality of food and over the top in quantity of food. There is Dot's Coffee Shop on the feeder of I-45 at Woodridge (about a mile or less from Kelley's) which also has huge portions and the food is a bit tastier than Kelley's. I always prefer Dot's over Kelley's. All of these places are within 5-10 minutes of Hobby Airport.

        Luling City Market is close to 30 minutes from Hobby in the lunch hour traffic.

        Let us know how it worked out for you.

        1. So, I came and went. I loved Luling City Market, Boudreaux's was delicious, and Kelley's had huge portions and the food was hearty but a bit bland. All in all awesome recs - thanks!

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            I have the same problem with Kelley's. It's just not exception in taste. That's where Dot's is one notch above Kelley's. Same huge portions and a huge menu. Glad you liked Boudreaux's. What did you end up having their? I worked on Park Place for many years and enjoyed Boudreaux's about two or three times per month.

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              Also, tell us about Luling City Market. I suggested Kelley's, but totally forgot about Dot's. I hadn't been since the 80's when some of us would meet before work.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                Dot's is still better, even after all these years. I can't tell you anything different about it today than it was in the early 80's when I first starting eating there. I think they are currently owned by Pappa's but they use the Dot's signs, the same menu as Dot's had and not much has changed at all. I could eat their french fries until the cows come home. It's one of the few places that I will get fries because I hate those frozen things. You need to step back in there one of these days and tell me what you think.