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Dec 14, 2009 11:43 AM

Chinese Restaurant Open On Christmas In Austin

We will be visiting Austin for the first time, and will be staying near The Arboretum. We will be having Christmas dinner at a restaurant.

I was thinking of going to a Chinese restaurant, but my partner nixed the idea and decided that we should do something more traditional. We are looking for something in the $20 to $25 price range. It would be a plus if it were not a buffet.

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  1. Fortune in the Chinatown shopping center (N. Lamar & Braker) has a sign posted saying they'll be serving dim sum on Christmas. I think it stops at 3 PM. Their website is http://www.fortuneaustin.com/index.html

    1. I would bet Din Ho will be open. They were open Thanksgiving day the the whole roast suckling pigs were going out the door as fast as they could carry them up. Din Ho is VERY affordable and some of the best Chinese in town. They also serve family style, which is very festive. I like the sizzling black pepper beef, the hot and sour soup, the whole fish, the pork and duck bbq, and surprisingly the sesame chicken is really good.

      1. Sichuan Garden in RR will be open. Asia Cafe, however, won't. I asked.

        1. Yeah, Fortune is definitely serving dim sum on Christmas day (until 3pm), and I would def. recommend going there because they have a much larger dining space vs. other dim sum restaurants in Austin, so my wait when I go there is shorter (if not immediate seating) compared to other restaurants. I also heard they were going to have a NYE party there from 8p-3a on the 31st with no cover charge, bottle service, a DJ, and complimentary hors d'oeuvres! Sure beats fighting traffic in downtown...plus free parking.

          1. I'm confused by the title vesus the post! Are you planning to have Chinese food or were you overruled by your partner? Or will you be dining separately? (kidding)

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              i second this, and was totally confuzzled by the original post.