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Dec 14, 2009 11:18 AM

Need to pick up food for meeting in Union Station

I have a meeting in DC, and will be arriving there through Union Station. I am to supply food - dinner oriented - for the meeting but since I am arriving by train, I was hoping to get something there for us - it's only four people.

Any suggestions on places I could get something from to carry to a meeting a few blocks away? thanks...

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  1. There are many restaurants, and food court style places in the station but none are all that fabulous. (Although the Greek place in the food court is surprisingly decent) B.Smith's is probably the best restaurant and they might do take out. Where is the meeting? Maybe there is something between the two. The Monocle is near the station, and I bet they would do take out. It's OK, typical stodgy America fare.

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      It's pretty bleak in Union Station itself. The East-West Cafe on the 3rd floor has pretty good Asian food though (think Thai noodles).

      Just a block or two away is Toscana Cafe which is quite good.

      1. re: jaydreb

        I would second Toscana Cafe. The pizza and sanwiches are excellent.

    2. Uno's is upstairs. They could cater some pizza, pasta, salad or other entrees. It's pretty good and reasonable.