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Dec 14, 2009 11:01 AM

Detroit Thai Eaters - Please explain the Bangkok 96 off Telegraph thing?

Bangkok 96 - Its on is just south of Michigan Ave.

I keep seeing it on (some of) Detroit's best Thai restaurants...

Is this being voted on by Denny's Patrons? Am I missing something about Thai food?

My impression is that they did Chinese Velveting to the meat, everything was WAY over sauced and there were no Thai flavors breaking out. I just think this is a Thai 101 place.....

Is there a well rounded (Over 20 Thai places) Thai fan that loves this place?

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  1. I've never been there myself, but keep in mind that some restaurants do shill their own stuff on websites like Urban Spoon, Yelp, and the like. Plus, as you've suggested, sometimes you'll get one overzealous patron who goes far, far overboard in their overbearing gushiness about a place like that...and it should be a kind of klaxon going off in your mind if you see that.

    Even my favorite places have some limitations or critiques that are fair to mention, and I don't mind if people bring them up. It's usually pretty obvious when the rose-colored glasses are in play, though, both when people are way too over-the-top gushy with praise, or far too vitrolic with their hatred.

    I admit that I've probably crossed the line on at least one occasion with my contempt for one place. I've never gone back, I never *will* go back...but I haven't said a thing on any of those sites about them, either.

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    1. re: boagman

      I just think that B96 is far from Thai. Maybe I am I have never been to Thailand. Maybe it just caters to western taste. I am just looking for a single defender that has good experience with Thai to tell me that I am missing something big....that or tell me that they are the Taco Bell of Thai Food/.

      1. re: JanPrimus

        I dont even think they use fish sauce...

        While it's certainly a western style of thai food, my parental units enjoy it, and I enjoy if I'm not looking for a true Thai food experiance.

    2. I agree Jan, I work near this thai place and have never been impressed. A lot of coworkers rave about it though. They all really like #12 the pad nor mai. I've had it and was not impressed and think this place is no better than the thai palaces in deaborn and its more expensive.

      Speaking of thai though, has anyone been to ? Looks to be a very decent place, would love to hear a review.

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      1. re: Cheeeese

        Sukhothai (Oak Park, the original location I believe) is the best Thai I've found in the nabe. I eat there a few times a month and the quality is always excellent. (There was a weird run a few years ago when all the sauces tasted unpleasantly buttery but they must have let that chef go or something.) If you want it hot, they'll make it hot. I usually go for gang dang or pad ped with pork. Their pad thai is on par with anything else you can get in the area, if not a little better, but the curries are very very good and worth checking out.

        In the past year or so they added a roast duck curry to their house specials, which got me really excited as this is my favorite dish at Srirpraphai in NYC -- it's good but not even worth talking about if you have had the dish at Sripraphai. I wish Sukhothai had some more exciting things on the menu in terms of appetizers and such, but on the other hand they're doing better than anyone else around here I've found. They also have tom kha, which I've had a hard time finding around here. Unfortunately it's merely decent, not amazing. (Again, probably unfair but Srirpraphai and a few other places in Queens are my lodestar for this.)

        I have yet to try the larb or nam sod.

        Stay away from Rexy's. I'm distrustful of any Thai place that doesn't serve pork, and they've never done anything to change my mind.

      2. I have to some what apologize about my rantish (I know that is not a word...but I am gonna use it) ways on this place...I just keep hearing it over and over when Thai food comes up.I do not want to sound like a Richard and just tell everyone that they are the La Choy of Thai.

        I guess I should take it in the same stride as when I see something on a menu that says "World Famous" or "Homemade".....AKA "Yeah Right".

        I promise to chill out on least in public.

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        1. re: JanPrimus

          Oh! This is reminding me that there are *several* phrases like those that you mentioned that really annoy me! Aside from the two you mentioned, I'll throw in my most-eye-roll-inducing: "Award Winning"...when said award(s) are never actually cited or known.

          PLEASE! Look. If you've won awards, and this does *not* count mommy telling you that it's good, cite the actual awards themselves! Else, don't even say it at all.

          1. re: boagman

            I think somewhere hidden on the internet on a dark recess is a list of these annoyances.

            I am too lazy to go find them as I can tell when I see them....they are "Bunk".