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Dec 14, 2009 10:20 AM

Best kobe/wagyu steak in Las Vegas?

Last time I was in Las Vegas, I had a wonderful American wagyu steak at Stripsteak in Mandalay Bay. It was easily the best steak I've ever had. I wasn't overly impressed by Stripsteak in other ways (sides/apps), so I'm looking for other places that serve Wagyu beef. I don't really care for the exorbitant pricing of the Japanese Kobe, so American grown is just fine with me.

Where do you go to get you Wagyu fix?

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  1. I've had a sampling of Snake River Farms' "American Kobe" at CUT, and thought it was very good -- not nearly as good as top quality Japanese wagyu, but still very good. CUT's appetizers and side dishes also seem interesting; I can personally vouch for bone marrow flan. Their dessert list looks good, but my one experience in that department was disappointing.

    It's worth noting that, just as the term "Kobe" is frequently abused, so is the term "wagyu." Some American producers, and restaurants, market their beef as wagyu. However, the cows are actually a cross between wagyu and Angus cattle. Sometimes the term "American Wagyu" is applied, but all too often the inappropriate term "wagyu" is used.

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      Cut is by far the best place to go for any kind of kobe. Cut's fish dishes are always amazing. actually absolutely everything I've had there has been great. Matt Hurley is an amazing chef and loves cooking for people who love food. Here is a pic of what comes around to the table

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        Based on that picture alone, I need to reserve a meal at CUT before the end of the year. Thanks, SD.

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          Here is my last tasting menu that I had there. Sorry that I missed a few descriptions. I couldn't remember what they were. This was an amazing tasting that chef matt put together for me.

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            I'm returning to LV in April. Definitely want to go to CUT based on your pictures. How was the American Kobe?

    2. Thanks all, I've made a reservation at Cut! Can't wait!! SDGroumand- was that Sous Vide NY steak a special they were having? I don't see it on the menu- it looks SO good!

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        I called in advance for that tasting menu.

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          A tasting menu at CUT is an intriguing idea. How did you go about asking or it? Did you specify what you wanted on the menu? What was the price? Thanks in advance!

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            I had been several times before and got to know Chef Matt but all you have to do is call the restaurant and ask if the chef will put together a special tasting. I gave no specifications let him do whatever he wanted. I think it ran around 180 I'm not positive. I'll be back in a few weeks and I can let you know for sure.