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Dec 14, 2009 10:17 AM

Best Tamales in Dallas - that are still available for Christmas

So I dropped the ball and did not order tamales from the family from which we usually order.

What are the best tamales in Dallas that I can get by Christmas?

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  1. i dont know if these are the best...but you can still order.

    TIP...if you can go by and try before you buy...most places give samples and dont be shy to ask. if the're tasty, take a dozen home and have help taste testing.

    I remember a latin market on the street south of Love Field, I think thats Dennison...they had good tamales there, there is also a Molino across the tracks by a little mexican store that had tamales.

    here is a list from Dallas morning news

    Here are a handful of popular places – by no means an exhaustive list – to get your holiday tamales. Have a favorite place that makes tamales? Call now to find out its policy on preordering and picking up. Even if you order ahead, you might be faced with a line when you go to pick them up.

    La Popular Tamale
    5004 Columbia Ave. (at Munger Boulevard)

    411: Preorders taken till around Dec. 20. After that, preorders filled first; others, first-come, first-served. Open until 6 p.m. Christmas Day.

    Fillings: Pork roast, spicy pork and jalapeño, spicy beef chuck roast, chicken-tomatillo, vegetarian mixed vegetables and vegetarian beans and jalapeño; also, black-eyed pea for New Year's. $10 a dozen/vegetarian; $11 a dozen/meat. Spicy salsa or mild tomatillo sauce comes with each dozen.

    Lopez Tortillas & Tamales
    9727 Brockbank Drive

    411: Preorders taken through Dec. 24. Tamales made fresh daily. On Dec. 25, first-come, first-served till noon or sold out.

    Fillings: Beef, chicken, pork, rajas (peppers and cheese), sweet raisin. $9 a dozen.

    Luna's Tortilla Factory
    8524 Harry Hines Blvd.

    411: Preorders taken through Dec. 21. Dec. 22-24: if-available basis. Dec. 24, from 1 to 4 p.m.: first-come, first-served till sold out.

    Fillings: Pork, beef, chicken, spicy bean, spinach, cheese-jalapeño; also a sweet tamale flavored with raisins, almonds, cinnamon and sugar. $12 a dozen.

    1. I really like Chito's tamales. It is a small family-owned place in north Plano (corner of Legacy and Chase Oaks). I think they are still accepting orders for Christmas tamales. I placed my order a week ago and am definitely looking forward to getting them.

      I have liked everything I have had at Chito's. I support family owned places whenever possible, and this is one of my faves.