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Dec 14, 2009 10:12 AM

Custom Birthday Cakes (East Valley)

I'm looking to possibly get a 3D Sponge Bob birthday cake anywhere in the East Valley (Scottsdale to Chandler). Does anyone know of a good custom bakery around here?

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  1. Call Tammie Coe.

    A friend had a firetruck done recently for a birthday and it came out excellent. Expensive, but worth it.

    1. Barb's Bakery in Central Phoenix will do a good job - probably for less than Tammie Coe. Tammie Coe is great, but can be pricey.
      You can also try Karsh's. They do a good job as well.

      1. I was going to recommend Piece of Cake ( but their website says that they can't do licensed characters.

        I would check with Sugar Lips Cakery (

        1. We just had a birthday cake last weekend from Tammie Coe and I have to say, it was spectacular. Howver, the more surprising thing is that it tasted fantastic. One of the best cakes ever. It cost about $50 and we got 8 large slices out of it. We liked it so much we're doing a Christmas cake from her as well.

          1. Nobody can legally use copyrighted and trademarked intellectual property (like characters) to make a cake without permission, and the owners of the Spongebob empire don't give permission to cake decorators. If you find someone willing to do it for you, they're doing something illegal.

            You can have someone create a great scene on which you can put a plastic pre-made Spongebob toy.

            Or you can purchase a Spongebob Wilton pan (comes with a non-commercial personal use license). That means that *you* can buy the pan and make a spongebob cake, but you can't pay anyone else to make the exact same cake.

            Any of the mentioned bakeries will produce an excellent cake.