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Dec 14, 2009 10:01 AM

orlando restaurants

Can anyone recommend a couple restaurants in Orlando--please no chains---for two adults and two kids. We are looking for good food, and not too expensive. Well try anything, as long as it's good. We're just concerned about getting good food--most times when we say we have kids, people automatically think we need fast food, or typical chain restaurants, but we, and our kids, actually enjoy eating good food and your recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Are you locals, or just visiting? Either way, in what part of town will you be staying? Orlando is very spread out, and that information can help us narrow things down for you.

    1. We're just visiting. We could use recommendations for two dinners. And we'll be staying in Lake Buena Vista. We do have a car but don't want to drive too far.
      Thank very much!

      1. We spent this past weekend at Disney. It's a little bit of a haul, but I really wanted to go to The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park so we drove up there Friday night. Definitely worth the drive.

        1. Thanks fo ryour suggestion. Looking at the ravenous pig reviews and the menu, we'd love to try it, but I don't know that we'll actually get there.

          1. Just got back from Orlando and we enjoyed the following: Mama Nems which features Soul Food. It is on South Kirkman Road in Orlando. For about $12.99 you get a entree plus 3 sides. Plus before your meal your are served corn bread which just melts in your mouth. Good food. I like their yams and collard greens. It was our first experience with Soul Food and we plan to go back there when we are in Orlando again.

            Our second great experience this year was at Pao Gostos off International Drive in Orlando. It is a Braizillan bakery which not only serves fresh baked brazillian bread and desserts, but sandwiches. Inexpensive and good food. The sandwiches are not typical American but very unique and we all loved it. Even the customers that were waiting to be served gave input and told us what were their favorites.

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              ravenous pig is quintessential for those visiting orlando
              i love mama nems as well, they have most meals around $8 with two huge sides and delicious cornbread

              ill have to try pao gostoso out some time