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Dec 14, 2009 09:51 AM

Lactose-free brunch ideas???? Help!!!

Hi All...I'm preparing a brunch for a dear friend this weekend, and she is lactose intolerant. What in the world do you make for a brunch that doesn't contain milk or cheese? The only things I can thing of are shrimp and grits or corned beef hash. I was hoping for something that can be made the day before and reheated...Suggestions?

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  1. You have several options if she can do eggs. A variation on your corn beef hash would be a root vegetable hash, and then add a poached/fried egg at the last minute. If not, what about a dressed up oatmeal w/ steel cut oats and lots of good fruit and nuts (reheat oatmeal and add toppings day of) or good granola w/ a soy milk? Also, how intolerant is she? If it's not severe, then you can do french toast and many breakfast pastries. Finally, a good fruit salad will dress up any winter brunch, although that's best done the same day.

    1. I think you are waaaaaaaaaay overthinking this one. Like, to an extreme. Shrimp and grits is NOT shrimp and grits without butter. I wouldn't even think about that one.
      Top of my head:

      huevos rancheros,

      baked chicken


      steak& eggs

      egg tacos

      breakfast burritos

      Subbing coconut milk in a lot of things makes them even BETTER than using cow's milk.

      Just a small starter list. I don't eat a lot of cheese, so if I thought about it for a few minutes more, or knew how many ppl, or what your friend liked, I could come up with a lot more stuff, but I kinda think you'll come up with a menu pretty easily if you just relax and think for a second - whole lotta food does not have milk or cheese in it.

      1. You could do french toast with coconut milk or almond breeze or soy milk. Regular french toast or a baked french toast casserole.

        Poached eggs, hash browns, toast with fruit salad.

        A veggie fritatta or omelet.

        1. you've got lots of options, actually. Coconut milk sound like a good replacement, but if you haven't used it before and don't have time to test your recipe, it might just be easier to pick up a carton of Lactaid milk or other brand of lactose free milk. I do find Lactaid a little sweeter than regular milk, though.

          Yogurt cheese is also a good option. The live cultures in yogurt help digest the lactose - I'm very lactose intolerant myself, but do just fine with yogurt cheese.

          Dairy free margarine is not a great substitute when baking, but for other cooking or melting into something it's not bad.

          If your friend is very lactose intolerant, she may also carry a supply of lactaid pills to deal with any dairy anyway. I know I don't leave home without it!

          1. Why no cheese? Aged cheese has less lactose in it then lactaid milk?