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Sushi for dinner, UES or UWS, not too pricey

I've never eaten sushi in NYC before, any recs for a moderately priced place to try? This will be for dinner for 4 New Years Day before the UF game. We would also like some drinks w our meal. Thanks! :) I'm not a huge sushi eater, usually go for the tempura and ahi

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  1. I don't eat on the UES too often, but last time I had sushi up there we ate at Fuji Yama. If I recall the drinks were pretty good as well.

    1. Can you give us a sense of how much you'd like to spend? That will help a lot in terms of the choices.

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          Suggest Sushi of Gari....creative sushi.....78th and York

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            Sushi of Gari is not moderately priced!! it is my favorite but everytime i go our bill for 2 comes out to around $500!!! of course we have tons of sake but food aint cheap! I would suggest Ooki on 89/3rd or Tenzan on 89th/2nd for more modest prices-yes good food.

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              Tenzan is awful. Fish is cut like slabs of meat, huge and full of sinew, and low quality. The wasabi is the lowest of the low, as is the ginger and the quality of the vegetables in general. Tenzan at this point is also a "chainlet" - they have at least 3 restaurants.

              Sushi of Gari is excellent but very expensive. For this poster, I would recommend Tsuki or Inase on the UES. Both small, family-run, well priced for the quality, and very pleasant.

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                Yes, I agree with you completely - both on Tenzan, and your other recommendations. To which I would add a third ... Gajyumaru ... which is pretty much the only place we go to these days, unless we go to Gari/Yasuda.

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                  Enthusiastic second to Gajyumaru. Wonderful place and strangely overlooked. A real sleeper.

        2. I agree that Sushi of Gari is delicious sushi, but I would also try Tenzan, which has restaurants both of the UES and UWS. I go to the location on the UWS, on 73rd and Columbus, often and the sushi is always fresh, large, and delicious. The lunch special is also nicely priced. guarantee you will enjoy it.

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            I"m not a sushi person, but all my friends in the neighborhood who are speak very highly of Tenzen - on 2nd Ave. about 52nd St. I've always enjoyed the cooked items I've had there and like the space too.

              1. Maybe too UPPER UWS - but, Yuki Sushi at 92nd and Amsterdam. www.yukisushiny.com. Of course, you'll check anyplace to make sure they'll be open NY Day.

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                  OOOOOH, sorry! Yuki Sushi is closed! What a shame. Could it have been the name?

                2. Sushi on a budget is a tough one in Manhattan. Having said that I would suggest POKE on 85th between 1st and 2nd. (It's also BYOB - plenty of liquor stores nearby)

                  *Sushi of Gari is $$$*

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                    And, my experience at Poke is that the rolls are much better than the sushi/sashimi, so that might work well.

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                      Im my opinion, sadly, POKE has gone downhill. We are regulars and have been going there for years, and have seen a consistent decline in refinement.

                      Yuko remains our favorite.

                    2. As I am a vegetarian, I should probably not be responding here... :-)

                      But, up on Madison in the 90s is Sachi. I adore their veggie tempura (not soggy the last time I had it) and their veggie gyoza, and they are convenient to some of the uptown museums.

                      They have a sushi bar, and if anyone posting here can say if it is a decent one, I have a feeling that the price-point is right for the OP. My sushi loving dad has been perfectly happy here in the past, but hey, none of my family have ever been sushi hounds so what can I say?

                      No matter what, Happy New Year OP!

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                        Unfortunately, Sachi closed a while back - maybe even at the very beginning of this year.

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                          Oh very unhappy noises coming from me! Now where can I get truly tasty (I've been looking) veggie gyoza and crispy light tempura within delivery radius of Hunter College?!?

                          Despite the bad news, thank you for sharing the info -- you are a very generous poster here.