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Dec 14, 2009 09:06 AM

Noodle Pudding with Bow Tie Pasta?

Went to a holiday party this week, and the hostess made a noodle pudding with bow tie pasta. I was intrigued because the dish was spoonable rather than having to be cut into squares like the traditional version. The rest of the ingredients tasted just like my noodle pudding. Has anyone tried this? Can I just substitute the same quantity of pasta for noodles? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recipes.

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  1. I doubt the 'spoonability' had anything to do with the shape of the pasta. More likely it is a function of the ratio of custard : pasta, with more custard making it less dense. Were there sultanas or other goodies in the spoonable one that helped lighten or break up the texture?

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      No raisins, or fruit of any kind...just the usual cottage cheese, sour cream, and/or cream cheese with an egg binder, plus sugar and cinnamon.

      1. re: critter101

        Did it seem more custardy?

        I might have to retract what I said about the shape of the pasta not being important. I guess something like bowties will not pack down as densely as flatter noodles, which might make the dish lighter. Even so, I would think that pasta that packs less densely would then require more custard.

        1. re: BernalKC

          Or maybe that's all the hostess had in her cupboard...Kugel is usually made with wide (or broad) egg noodles, so using the bowtie is not much of a stretch, a little fluffier, maybe than the egg noodles.
          Also, critter 101, "Can I just substitute the same quantity of pasta for noodles?"
          Pasta is noodles and vice versa, and it doesn't matter what shape they are, it's still going to be the same quantity.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            bushwickgirl - in my recipe 12 ounces of flat noodles combines so well with the wet ingredients that the finished product is dense and can be cut into squares. Somehow, I assumed the bow ties wouldn't be as compact. The finished dish was looser, moist, but not set like a custard. Also, the party was for 60 people, so I'm assuming she shopped for her menu items in advance. I guess I'm just going to have to cook some up in order to try it.

            1. re: critter101

              I would think that the bowties would create a lighter kugel than the egg noodles, as they have more texture. Egg noodles tend to collapse and stick together. Maybe your host used more custard or a looser custard base than the normal recipe.
              I was just joking about only having bowties in the cupboard.;-) Perhaps the bows are what her family always uses.
              Let us know how it turns out.