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Dec 14, 2009 08:59 AM

high-altitude cooks: meringues

Any tips on making meringues (kisses, not for pie) at high altitude? My dad, the family meringue maker, just moved to Telluride, CO, and is having trouble getting his egg whites to set up the way he is used to. Should he give it up, or is there some trick? Thanks!

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  1. Doing a google search on "making meringues at high altitudes" turned up this recipe from allrecipes, which while directed at meringues for pie may offer the solution your family meringue maker needs. It stars with cooking cornstarch, sugar, salt and water in the microwave until thick and clear, then adding it to the egg whites afer the foamy stage, continuing to beat until the stiff peak stage. Perhaps this will work for the kisses?

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      Thanks, I found that, too. It really isn't the same meringue, as the kisses are crunchy, just made with sugar and egg white (they don't want to be soft like pie topping). In any case, he did more experiments yesterday and with a lower froth and less sugar, they seemed to come out OK.