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Dec 14, 2009 08:51 AM

Heat Diffuser on Electric Burner Stove Top

Please help me Hounds. Will a heat diffuser work on old style coil electric burners, where each coil heats unevenly? By "work" I mean will one of these diffuse heat sufficiently so that a skillet will heat evenly enough to brown meat without hot and cold spots, and so that a braising vessel will simmer, again without hot or cold spots?

Many thanks for your collective wisdom.


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  1. Yes, but unless your burners are WAY out of whack, using heavier gauge cookware (especially copper- or aluminum-clad) should work, too.

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      Good point, Ricepad. This is for a family member who doesn't want to buy all new electric burners. We'll try heavier guage cookware first. She tends to use the lighter stuff, which could be the problem. Many thanks.