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Dec 14, 2009 08:35 AM

Tejocotes. Anyone know where I cand find some?

I live in Echo Park but am willing to drive. Feel like I should be able to find some around here though.


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  1. This article mentions a couple of markets where you may find them:

    1. I'm gonna chime in one more time in case anyone missed my post and has any other suggestions. I'm making Ponche NavideƱo this weekend and would like to include this ingredient in my punch.

      Thanks again

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      1. re: emosbaugh

        What other suggestions do you want? The LA Times article lists 68 places to get them fresh, including a Superior Warehouse on Ave 45 and Figueroa, one near USC and one on Cesar Chavez and Gage.

        Any -- and I mean ANY -- Mexican market with a frozen section will carry the fruit frozen.

      2. in case anyone is interested, i ended up getting them at palms super market

        3568 Motor Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90034
        (310) 202-1230

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          They were $5.99 a pound for fresh at Northgate markets in OC last week.