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Dec 14, 2009 08:23 AM

Eatery Suitable For Kids-NYC

Any suggestions for eateries on the Lower East Side or Midtown, near Macy's ,that would be good for kids, ages 9-15. Reliable hechshers also.


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    1. re: mrmoose

      Agreed. Food isn't wonderful, especially at Midtown prices, but it isn't bad, and the the menu and atmosphere are both quite kid-friendly. Broadway, bet 36th and 37th.

      If your kids are mature enough to not run around knocking peoples' drinks over, try Mr Broadway across the street. Prices are about the same, but the food quality is just a little better, IMHO. They do have a kid's menu, and the food is still okay for non adventurous eaters. Broadway between 37th and 38th.

      You've also got JII pizza between 37th and 38th, on the same side as Kosher Delight.

      If you want someplace quieter, try Schnitzel Express, 39th between Broadway and 6th (almost the corner of Broadway). Terrific, terrific food, with prices extremely reasonable for Manahattan. This is probably the cheapest fleishige option.

      Mr Broadway and JII are both OU, and Kosher Delight and Schnitzel Express are both Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush, so that answers the hechsherim question.

      Mr Broadway did get shut down by the Health Department a few months back, but it was for a fire violation, not a hygiene thing. I'm a pretty picky eater myself but I would have no issue with Mr Broadway.

      I'm afraid I can't help with the LES; it's been a while since I went to school there.

      Hope this helps! Have fun.

    2. Kosher Delight is your best bet - very family friendly, both in cuisine and in setting.

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      1. re: brooklynkoshereater

        I would agree with KD- could be crowded but there's always a clean table to be found. Food is not the absolute best-- but they do have something for everyone. It's not super expensive either.

      2. KD or J2 is good. You can also try Eden Wok (fast food chinese) or Mendy's (Deli's) on 34th between Park and Madison. For the LES, the only place I am aware of is Noah's Ark, a deli (like the one in Teaneck).

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        1. re: dfsny613

          Why is everyone assuming that just because they are kids, they should be satisfied eating shlock? The youngest is 9, for goodness sake, old enough to sit through a meal without turning over patrons glasses! And the older ones have surely developed a more sophisticated palate than greasy burgers and fries. This is supposed to be a FOODIE board! C'mon people...pony up!

          1. re: DebbyT


            Those are all valid points. Unfortunately, a lot of the kosher places that could accommodate a big party easily serve shlock!

            1. re: DeisCane

              Agreed, although if my memories of my own behavior at 9 is any indication, some accomidation is warranted. That's why I recomended Mr Broadway- the closest kid friendly place to Macy's that also serve adult food, if not particularly foodie food. I suppose they could go to Le Marais, but that just seems like a poor idea for everyone involved.

              On an unrelated note, the last time I ate in at Mr Broadway I saw Jackie Mason there. He looked like a corpse, but an extremely happy one. Kept laughing at his own jokes, too (they must have been his jokes, because by the looks of things the other people in his party didn't have a chance to do much talking).

            2. re: DebbyT

              The kosher places in and around midtown are mostly quick service restaurants. They cater mostly to business people in the area who want to have something quick for lunch. The places I can think of are Circa, Rosa's, Mendy's, Eden Wok, Aroma, Baguette Express, NYlunchbox, J2, KD, Mr Broadway... all these places are not fine dining.. but they can serve good food.

              The only 'better' restaurant in the area is Abigaels- and I wouldn't recommend it for a family with a several kids b/c it's expensive. Great food.. but the prices are in a totally different league than anything else..

              1. re: DebbyT

                I can only offer this. Recently, I was looking for a restaurant in the city that did not serve shlock and did not break my budget in which to dine with my 3 kids. End result: we ate at home (pizza, I think). There is nothing basic and good in the city anymore. I never enjoyed Mr. Broadway. It doesn't do the basics well enough and it is crowded in an uncomfortable way with waiters that were not kid-friendly. JII, Kosher Delight--too shlocky. My Most Favorite: not good enough. All the others: too upscale and frankly not at all basic. I would love to eat at Lou G. Siegels, Moshe Peking, Ratners...that kind of thing. Oh, I forgot, no one has even tried to replace them. I am so frustrated with Manhattan. And it's about the basics of the food, the pricing, and the ambience. There really are only two extremes right now.

                1. re: cappucino

                  Has anyone tried Clubhouse Cafe? Or the Cafe in Abigaels (I forget the name)? We've been taking our kids upscale since they were little...and have never regretted it. Now the youngest is 16 and they all enjoy a special night out at Mike's or Solo...dissecting the food, criticizing and totally enjoying.

                  1. re: DebbyT

                    I don't like Clubhouse. The only steak on the menu is of a worse quality than what you'd get at Le Marais. Had a bad experience there- the grilled chicken sandwich was uncooked and the chicken not marinated or seasoned at all. Wouldn't go back.

                    On the other hand, my brother goes often with his friends, and he likes the place for its atmosphere and share-ability. But, he says the appetizers are way overpriced, and most of the food is KD quality, just with a better presentation.

                    What is the Cafe in Abigaels?

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      It's called the Green Tea Lounge. Check out Not sure if the pricing is any better than the Mother restaurant, but it's more casual.

                      1. re: DebbyT

                        Green Tea Lounge is the name for the loungy type upstairs (ground level) of the restaurant. It's an Asian inspired menu.. same pricing as the rest of the menu.

                  2. re: cappucino

                    Agreed! This is why I've been brown bagging it to work lately. Added benefits: tastes much better, much cheaper, and is probably significantly healthier. Drawbacks: I have to remember to pack a lunch the night before, or ask my overworked and pregnant wife to do it.

                    1. re: The Cameraman

                      uhhh... in case I was unclear, I was agreeing with Cappucino's statement that there is two extremes in kosher options in Manhattan- schlock and places I would only take clients if the company was paying because i can't afford them at my salary (looking at you, Solo!).

                      And to some extent, this holds true of kosher dining options in general- overpriced, poorly cooked, badly served food, and where's grateful for it because it's kosher.

                      1. re: The Cameraman

                        BTW, if a place that is open on shabbos were acceptable then the answer would be Ben's without a doubt, imo.

                        1. re: The Cameraman

                          My thought is that due to the high rent in Manhattan, you either need to do very high volume or very high tickets. This is particularly true for shomer shabat establishments. this would explain the demise of the Village Crown and Lou G Seigels as restaurant.

                          1. re: The Cameraman

                            I couldn't agree more with you and Cappucino. I work in the city and will not buy my lunch at most of the kosher places because they are all either too expensive for what they offer or they are too dirty with greasy and badly prepared food. Its embarrasing frankly, because these low level places really reflect poorly on the orthodox. Most of the non-kosher jews I know look at those places as totally gross and unfortunately I have to agree.

                  3. Noah's Ark on the Lower East Side is an enjoyable ,midpriced quality restaurant . The staff are friendly and helpful. The manager,Ziv, definitely aims to please. There are deli offerings, interesting burgers,chicken choices etc. There is a kids menu,although I don't know if a nine year old needs it. My ten year old enjoys the interesting burger choices-Ponzu burger with soy sauce and 3 different kinds of mushrooms, blackened Caesar burger etc. It is on Grand Street ,less than a block in from Essex. It is about a 2 block walk from the F train Delancey St stop. Enjoy.