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Dec 14, 2009 08:22 AM

Bell Tower-Fort Myers adding a new restaurant: DaRuMa

Noticed the sign on the windows of the vacant store front across from Bistro 41. The one in Naples is very popular with tourists or at least it was, for its location near the Ritz Beach and entertaining aspects for little ones. There is one in Sarasota as well. It's a Japanese steakhouse. Might do well, as the Tokyo something nearby is dreadful and it is a fun place for older kids birthdays. I hope the year they are taking for buildout includes some great ventilation. The one whose name escapes leaves ones clothes smelling of stale oil.

The French Roast has come up with a new name but lets us know via a large sign that it is the same owners and menu. Wonder if that will help it. Now Saigon Paris. LMF

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  1. I take guests with ther kids to the DaRuMa in Naples, who want culinary entertainment wiht their dinner. The food is good, and the cooks have good routines with culinary acrobatics at the teppanyaki table cooktop grills. Blue Fish has the same entertining tables, I believe.

    If Saigon Paris still has the same tired menu and service, I'll pass on visiting it. Appreciate the warning.

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      prefer Fujiyama's in Naples but DaRu Ma is ok--would go for the steakhouse and not they're sushi.

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        Fuji's by Costco has very good Thai and sushi, as does Home Thai & Sushi on Bonita Beach Road. Across the board, I;ve not had even a mediocre meal at the Asian spots. I can often be found at Charlie Chiang's for dim sum.

        I do want to try Siam Hut the newer Vietnaese spot in Cape Coral ,and other spots in Ft Misery, it's just such a shlep iseason's traffice when I've perfectly good Asian food in Naple$. I want to cook my own Pork Belly a la David Chang of Momofuku. Not quite Char Siu, but should be terrific if I can source the right pork.

        Too damn many people driving too slow on the roads today, it's too cold to be on the beaches. I just wanna just grill some genuine ersatz Wagyu beef at home some nights.

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          French Roast/Saigon Paris has same menu and website. dont' think the name change is gonna change things. Too bad, the food and service needs an overhaul.

          Bacchus at Bell Towers is kaput. They couldn't survive without Shannon.

          Don't know if Mad Takeout will survive.

          Heard very good things about Cru, with Shannon and Harold on board.

          Dunno what Dwyers will become after they allegedly kicked out Icabods, after asking for more rent. Who knows the story on these changes...

          1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

            Eating at Saigon Paris is like eating at a nursing home. Bland bland bland.

            Ate at Bacchus two weeks ago and didn't review it. I felt sorry for them. It was very poor. Sysco tomatoes on a pressed sandwich Margherita style. If you don't have great tomatoes, don't bother with this one on your menu. I sat at the bar as I always have as I like to watch them cook, or at least I used to. I noticed that they were very low on wine in the cooler which is not a good sign, especially on a Thursday. I figured it was only time....

            Had a nice lunch at Cru maybe the week before Bacchus. The boys were each at their separate stations and didn't speak, but they both came and spoke to me and I had a fairly good lunch, probably from Shannon's menu, although both were available. It wasn't memorable however, as I usually can remember how things are made, etc.

            There was no one there and it was a warmish day. Hopefully it has picked up now. I imagine it will be a dinner only place and it should be but the mall insists on certain hours.

            The Dwyers spend a fortune on replicating an Irish "city pub". Endless delays getting carved wood, the right fixtures, glass, etc. all brought in from Ireland. That kind of expenditure would weigh heavily on a place like Ichabod's. Their new venue, Nervous Nellie's, in the old Snug Harbor (actually newer Snug Harbor) should be good for them. I'm happy things are happening there.

            We may meet some friends at the new Luna Rossa on the way to the beach in the next week or so. Depends if we can bear the traffic. I am happy the beach is getting busy. They have suffered more than other locations.

            Luna Rossa reportedly has really done something nice with the old Tim's Place, which was really down market and they had kind of scuzzy waitstaff with lots of hijinks with clients checks.