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Dec 14, 2009 07:59 AM

Standing Rib Roast near Providence

I will be doing a prime rib for Christmas Dinner. Last time I made prime rib I got the roast at Whole Foods. Anyone have a suggestion for a better option, either in terms of price or quality?

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  1. I always order mine from Michael's meats in Cumberland and always get a superior piece of meat cut to any size I want.
    2130 Mendon Road
    Cumberland, RI
    (401) 658-1717

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      I called Michael's as was told they only had semi-boneless roasts. I am looking for bone in.

    2. I buy my holiday beast at BJ's. They have great product at good price and will trim it for you or debone if you'd like.

      1. Stop & Shop has good choice beef; starting Friday (?) large end rib roasts are $4.99/lb. w/S&S card. I like to let it dry unwrapped in the fridge before boning, seasoning & tying a day before roasting. You can't lose at the price. Good luck & merry Christmas!

        1. Purchase a choice rib roast if you need the whole thing then go to BJ's or Sams CLub of even better go to a whole sale reataurant place they will sell it on a cash and carry basis if its too much meat then go to Whole Foods they trim it well no waste and ask for the Small- Loin end near the back of the rib. Its leaner and more meat to fat ratio. If you want to home age is just wrap the meat in about 3 layers of cheese cloth and place it in the bottom of the ref make sure its at least 40 degrees. for 8-10 days so hurry up. I have already done this. Then just trim any dry pieces out. Its a bit expensive but Xmas only comes once a year. A lot or stores give cheap deals on rib roasts but this cut it closer to the chuck which means a lot of fat.