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Dec 14, 2009 07:55 AM

Decent and cheap deli near King Farm in Gaithersburg?

After working in DC with a fast/cheap deli in the basement of nearly every building, I'm looking for somewhere in King Farm that I can grab a quick and cheap sandwich or wrap. Safeway, Quiznos and Subway do not count! Help!

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  1. Wow Deli on the corner of Gaither and Shady Grove is good and extremely cheap.

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    1. re: reiflame

      Is that in the same strip as Melting pot?

      1. re: Flaxen_Vixen

        Yeah, it's right next to the Melting Pot. There's another deli that I can't remember the name (Express maybe?) but it's really bad. Wow is far better.

    2. Best Deli near that area is Brooklyns Deli on RT 28 at Travilah RD. Hands down!

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      1. re: DelifoodguruMD

        Yes, it's worth driving out of King Farm where choices aren't that great and over to Brooklyn's Deli. The rye bread is amazing there, at least the last time we had it.

        1. re: stever500

          Agreed. Decent pastrami and corned beef, GREAT rye.