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Dec 14, 2009 07:52 AM

Where to have a great meal at the bar (Pittsburgh)?


I'm looking for a place where two guys can have a great meal while sitting at the bar. NOT looking for really good bar food. We're looking for a great restaurant that has a bar where they will serve you the full menu on a Saturday night.

We'll be staying at the Downtown Marriot and will surely spend some time on Carson Street and The Strip, so near those locations would be nice, but not required. (We'll be on foot and taking cabs.)

Less concerned about ambiance, more concerned about food. Crowded and/or active is fine, even a plus...not interested in anything particularly romantic or quiet.

Budget probably not an issue unless it is extreme. This will be our "Big Meal" of the weekend.

Would lean towards American/French, although will consider all ideas.

Many thanks for any and all ideas!


PS - The bar at Gramercy Tavern in NYC is a good example of what I'm looking for.

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  1. Eleven in the Strip comes to mind although I think they they might scale back on the bar menu a bit. You might consider the bar at the Grand Concourse in Station Square. Many on here will call it a tourist trap, but the food is good, the bar has a great menu and you can't beat the beauty of the place. I'm sure you'll get a lot of other good recommendations here. Hope you have fun!

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      Last time I was seated in the bar area of Eleven (just a couple weeks ago), I was expecting only the bar menu, but they offered us the full menu. That was something like 9pm on a Friday or Sat night, if I remember correctly. You can call to confirm, but as long as it's not really late, full menu should be available. Can't go wrong either way.

      If you're on the South Side (Carson), Dish Osteria would probably be the go-to place. Don't think they'd have any trouble serving you at the bar.

      I've also eaten in the bar area at Nine on Nine and I believe we were offered the full menu, although we only got a few small plates as we were rushing to a show.

      Other choices with good bar seating and food in the downtown area include Kaya, Six Penn, the new bar at The Renaissance hotel. Really all depends on what you're looking for.

    2. You might be very comfortable at the Sonoma Grille which is at street level of your hotel. They're strong on California wines and good food. The bar is not as secluded as at Nine on Nine. Either of these places is really close to your hotel. You can just look into the windows and get an idea what suits you. Eleven is a little further away, but certainly walkable.

      1. The most convivial bars with full menus i've been to are Dish and Point Brugge. Nothing subdued about either. Lots of regulars at both.

        1. If you're thinking in NY dollars, probably nothing in Pittsburgh will be "extreme."

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            Monterey Bay on Mt Washington is another great option for bar dining if you are in the mood for seafood and want a great view.