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Dec 14, 2009 07:44 AM

High Quality Nuts

I am looking for a bag of nuts .... specifically looking to get some excellent quality pecans and also pistachio's for the holidays. Are there any suggestions where to purchase the best quality nuts in the Boston area?

Used to love Dairy Fresh Candies and was thinking something along the same lines.

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  1. I must say that Trader Joe's nuts are always very reasonably priced and super fresh. Also Fastacchi on Mt. Auburn in Belmont.

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      I'm not an expert, but my Dad is a real connoisseur , and he raves about the nuts I get at Fastacchi. The nuts at TJ's are normally good, but every once in a while I'll get a bad batch. They're great about replacing them, but that's not an option if it's only discovered by the recipient.

      Our office almost always gets a bag of pistachios from a longtime vendor and they're very very good- I forget the brand- they come in a white bag with a blue and red text heavy logo. I thought that the name was Italian and started with a B, but google isn't supplying it, so I might be wrong. I know they had smaller bags at Sebastians last year.

      1. You might consider Costco if you are/know a member.

        1. Along the lines of Fresh Candies, many Italian grocers carry good quality nuts in the shell. Usually around the holidays that extends to pecans, but walnuts are more common, and pistachios are a given. They have good turnover and I have always found them fresh. Roberto's in Medford, Rosebud/Marco Produce in Malden, New Deal Fruit in Revere (Russo's is a decent bet for Walnuts in the shell, although I don't get there enough to say what they have right now)... and there are many others. For Shelled nuts, Superior Nut Company in Cambridge has some bulk quantities (3,5,25lb depending on which -- raw, unsalted, salted). You didn't give any geographic reference which would help.

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            fastaci is very good - the pistachios at Arax and Severn's also always good - TJ and Russos pretty reliable

          2. I don't know if your'e planning to eat these nuts or to bake with them. If it's the former, I recommend Fastachi on Mt. Auburn Street. If it's cooking, I think Trader Joe's prices can't be beat. Alternatively, Sevan Bakery, which is right across the street from Fastachi, has a great selection of nuts.

            1. For me, I like the flavor of Turkish pistachio's over are California ones. The Turkish ones are smaller in size but bigger in taste to me. You should be able to get them at Sevan on Mt. Auburn St. in Watertown.
              I get them at George's in Methuen where a 5lb.bag is $36.00 and you can order online.

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                Thank you to everyone who has responded - great thoughts. Interesting ... this epicenter of quality nuts in that little corner of watertown!!