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Dec 14, 2009 07:25 AM

Prepared Christmas Eve Dinner - Phoenix/Tempe

I am loking for suggestions about where we can pick up a prepared Christmas Eve meal this year. We just learned we will be hosting 3 family member on Christmas Eve, so there will be 5 adults and it doesn't have to be a "traditional" holiday dinner. In fact, a Mexican/Latin American twist might be fun. I have looked into AJs, Havana Cafe, and Vincents (the latter is a little too spendy...) We were hoping to spend around $150 or less. Any other suggestions or feedback about the above?

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. The Herb Box is offering holiday take-out meals that *might* fit with your budget. A menu with one meat option, one dessert option, and all possible side dishes comes in at $157+tax for 4 portions of each item (items are sold in 4-portion increments). Given the sizes of the portions, it looks like you might be able to stretch them to accommodate 5 adults, but I guess that depends on how hungry everyone is. :-) .

    Web page with menu:

    PDF order form:

    The Herb Box at DC Ranch
    20707 N Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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      Flancer's Cafe, with locations in Gilbert and Mesa, has a very delicious looking holiday menu to go. It's $24 per person, but you can get $2pp off if you order by December 18th. I'm a huge fan of Flancer's, so if you decide to go with a more traditional menu, I think you and your family will enjoy the meal. Here's the link to the information:

      Flancer's Cafe
      610 N Gilbert Rd Ste 300, Gilbert, AZ 85234

      Flancer's Cafe
      1902 N Higley Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205