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Dec 14, 2009 07:15 AM

Burgers at RUB?

Heard a rumor that RUB is offering burgers on Monday (and Monday only) -- and that they are supposedly "off the hook" good.

Can anyone on the board confirm / deny this and if they've sampled, offer any commentary about how worthwhile the burger experience is?

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  1. haven't been, but i think has. supposed to be pretty good

    1. I just tried today for lunch. FYI, the burgers are only available after 6pm Mondays. Possibly dine-in only according to the hostess.

      1. I went last week with my bf and a few of his friends after reading about it on seriouseats. The burgers were delicious. Almost like a grown up shake shack burger. As for the rest of the stuff it was fine but not the best bbq. I would definitely go but only for the burgers. They are only served Mondays 6-9.