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Dec 14, 2009 06:21 AM

Ameli near Kerrville?

Recently I read a post that mentioned a place called Ameli near Kerrville.Since I travel to Kerrville on a fairly regular basis and find Kerrville to be the sinkhole of food for the state, I am interested in trying this place. I can't locate it on the 'net and several people I know who have lived in K'ville all of their lives do not know anything about it. BTW, Grape Juice has a location now in K'ville, moved there from Ingram. The new place is nice but I think they are missing the point on food. Why serve more bad food when they could do a great service by having a more simple menu. I.E., a good Reuben, BLT, etc. Their chipotle chicken chili tasted like spaghetti sauce with chunks of old chicken in it. Too bad, K'ville really needs a place with some decent, even simple food other than a couple of hamburger joints, e.g. Brown's and Classic. Too bad, really too bad.

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  1. Mamacitas is pretty decent for that area. Their chile relleno is good as are their shrimp fajitas. They have a very good queso chihuahua too. I admit that the service sometimes leaves a lot to be desired but they have several really good dishes.

    Inn of the Hill has a good plate lunch with very good fried fish.

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      River's Edge, A Tuscan Grill - will totally change your mind about Kerrville. My wife, who should know, says Jacksonville is the sinkhole of Texas food. As to Mamacitas, I go there for the fish.

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        I have eaten at Tuscan Grill 3 times and my mind was not changed. I will give it another try though. IMO, avoid the newish Med. place that used to be Pampells. I think the best food in K'ville, besides the deli at Albertson's, is at Rails. Service there is usually right on target. What about the country club? Can the public go to their place or is it member only. Thanks for all the information. J.

    2. Ameli was an eatery north of I-10 exit 505. It was right outside the gates of my subdivision. It's been closed for nearly two years and I'm glad you never found it. The burgers were good but that was about it. The worst home made chili ever and the owner was Mexican. Please try River's Edge just south of the intersection of Junction Hwy and Harper Rd on Guadeloupe. Lunch T - F 11 - 2:30; dinner T- S 5 - 9.

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        Is River's Edge casual or more upscale. We usually pass through there on our way home from hunting so is it a place you could go in camo/jeans and tees? It sounds more upscale than that.

      2. Next time you are back in Kerrville, go visit the Convention & Visitors Bureau. They have a listing of all the restaurants in the area and can give some guidance based on what you are looking for. They won't give actual recommendations but will tell you where to go for specific types of food. There are a lot of new restaurants in town and part of the CVB's job is to try places! What a perk!

        If you are looking for good mexican food, Acapulco is the best! Mamacita's is overpriced and the only thing really good there is the green sauce. Acapulco is just a local place with good prices and fast service.

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          I agree with ccmom08's take on Mexican in K'ville. A couple of suggestions, if you have time. Drive out west on Junction Highway to a little place on the banks of Goat Creek that , I believe, is called Taquirea Jalisco. Or, if you really have time drive to Harper, turn right on 290 and go 12 miles or so to El Gallo. All the people I work with like that place. Family run, good solid TexMex, no beer sold or allowed though. Their sopapillas are outrageously good.