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Dec 14, 2009 06:16 AM

Tavolo - Huntingdon Valley

Had a very good meal last night at Tavolo. First time there (had visited Augusto's other restaurant in Warrington). Two couples. All four of us really enjoyed the experience. Food was excellent: butternut squash bisque, caesar and caprese salads, whole grilled dorado with risotto and zucchini with san marzano tomato sides, veal chop with spinach polenta, . Desserts were pretty good: ricotta cheesecake and tiramisu. Very good espresso and cappucinio. A complimentary portion of homemade gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce was so good that I intend to order it next time. Service was good and the chef/owner, Augusto, was charming. He fileted our dorado tableside. All in all, a very nice evening. It's byob and the bill, after tax and tip, came to $240 for the four of us. Almost forgot to mention, the place is very pretty and the tables spaced well apart. We'll definitely be back. It's rare to find such a good restaurant in the suburbs.

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  1. Correction on the fish. Couldn't have been dorado. That's mahi mahi. He said something that sounded like that, or aurado. It was the size of a branzino and tasted a lot like sea bass.

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      could be Dorade which is called orato in Italy

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        I think you're right. Found a photo of dorade and that's what it looked like. Thanks!

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          My husband had the dorade this past week. It was delicious. I highly recommend this place. The service and food was well worth, the 100.00 check.

          I had a fresh gorganzola, beets and greens salad = enough for 2 small salads.
          Hubby had breaded (3) lollipop lambchops over arugula, tomato, shaved parm drizzled with lemon/oil as appetizer
          He got the dorade for entree...good as any branzino he has had, accompanied w/ cous cous and zucchini.
          I had rigatoni w/ pancetta and san marzo tomatoes....delightful, I left a small amt, which hubby ate.
          Desserts- lemon tart w/ raspberry ice cream
          piece of Tiramisu
          1 decaf coffee/ 1 double espresso

          All for 100.00. Good portions, great food, attentive service.

          Our new "special" place to go.