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Dec 14, 2009 05:46 AM

Dallas Steakhouse, but not a chain

My family, visiting from the east coast, would like a "big Texas steak experience" when they are here for the holidays. As we recently moved to Dallas, we haven't explored steak extensively. Our parameters are pretty simple -- delicious steak, NOT A CHAIN, in Dallas (as opposed to the rest of the metroplex), and relaxed in dress code. As my brother said, they are seeking a Ruth's Chris/Morton's/The Palm kind of restaurant but specific to Texas. And he refuses to pack anything but jeans, so casual dress needs to be acceptable. Cost isn't too big of a deal.

Others have suggested Al Biernat's, Bob's Chophouse, III Forks and Del Frisco. What distinguishes these from each other? Any favorites among these? Any you would add? TIA!

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  1. I've gotten into Bob's in jeans. Al Biernat's lists a business casual dress code. Can't you get him to pack slacks? Jeans will keep him out of III Forks and Del Frisco.

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      Agreed..... If you're looking for a quality place, that is. I guess the brother could always go to Mickey D's and you could meet up later. ;)

      That said, I think I've been in jeans at Ruth's Chris, but vowed to never return after my one and only visit to the now one and only location (tollroad) in the metro. It just lacked the "wow" factor that the defunct Cedar Springs location had.

      Grapevine/Southlake has Kirby's who you might call about required attire. I was there once, it was ok, but wouldn't drive from Dallas. I also think there's a Dallas location, but also think I just saw a less than stellar recent post about it.

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        Kirby's on Greenville is now Kirby's Woodfire Grill, and it's not so much a steakhouse anymore.

    2. All of those places are very good, III Forks probably has the most Texas feel to it I guess, it's almost in Plano though. Bob's is probably the local favorite (the Lemmon ave location). I personally don't think one is all that much better than the others, except for the departed Smith & Wollensky. I have had bad service at III Forks, the place is huge, which might explain it.

      Silver Fox is the downscale little sister of III Forks, but still prime and still good, smaller and near downtown. Don't overlook Pappas Brothers, it's great. If I could pick one that would be it.

      With the exception of Al Biernat's, they are all regional chains. Del Frisco's is a national chain, but still great.

      If you wear a sportcoat you can wear (nice) jeans to just about any steakhouse in this town. It's Dallas, not Manhattan.

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        III Forks is a chain. I've eaten at the one in Kansas City but don't know what other cities they're in.

      2. You can wear jeans to any steak place in dallas. I've been to them all in jeans and have never even been looked at twice. I was never the only one in jeans either so you shouldnt feel out of place.

        Ive found that the biggest difference between steak houses isnt the steak, its the bread, sides, appetizers and desserts. All the places mentioned serve good/great steaks. Most get their meat from the same places and all have essentially the same ovens. All have about the same "dallas" feel. So I suggest you choose based on everything but the meat.

        if you do that Bob's is out. Sides, bread and dessert are pedestrian at best. A giant buttery carrot and a baked potato just dont cut it. Try Al's or Pappas. Both have great bread, sides and desserts with good service and nice atmosphere. Pappas has a huge (but pricey) wine list.

        1. Another idea is Four Winds out in Wills Point. You get the high end Steak and the trip to the country all in one outing.

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            Yeah I'd agree with Four Winds. Only downside is the drive, worth it for the Texas/country type of experience.

          2. Local place, and you can wear jeans but not necessarily causual, so good for everyone... Stephan Pyle's. The man makes his legendary bone-in rib eye that is worth the trip to Ross Avenue in beautiful downtown Dallas.

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              As a guy that's done way too much enterainting business associates and clients over the past 15 years as all of the out of towners want to go to a steak joint when in Dallas. Here is my rec. I think day in day out Del Frisco has the best overall experience. Yes, it's a micro-chain, but the appts, bread, and steak and dessert are all goodl. Wine is pricey at any of the steak joints. Del Frisco sources meat from a different purveyor than the rest and I think it is by far the best actual steak in the place. I know you wanted somewhere in Dallas, but it's location on the Tollway allows easy access. I live downtown and can be there in 10 min.