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Dec 14, 2009 05:15 AM

Has Kanji closed?


Kanji was my favorite sushi spot in Monmouth County - however, since I now live in southern Ocean County, I don't get up that way much. A friend of mine told me she heard it had closed - can anyone confirm/deny?

I'll be heartbroken - I LOVED their rolls. Thanks!

  1. Nope. Still open. Your friend might be thinking of Manow in Lincroft, another favorite place in the area.

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    1. re: cantkick

      Thanks so much! You've made my day - time for a road trip...

      1. re: newfie29

        Nice place, real close to work. Just had lunch there yesterday.

        1. re: Barbarella

          Well, I finally was up that way last evening and stopped by for dinner - we had the fried oyster appetizer special - possibly the best I've had. We split three signature rolls - all were fresh, beautifully presented and delicious. Why, oh why, was the place so empty? The parking is woefully inaddquate - as I circled the lot looking for an empty spot, I noticed that everyone was going into Workout World - hopefully they went for sushi afterwards because it would be a shame to let Kanji fold...

          1. re: newfie29

            Don't worry. It must have been an off night or time. I've been there on weekends and weeknights since it's opened, and it always has a good crowd. Often a wait on weekends.

            1. re: newfie29

              I do not think that it is going to fold! I work in the area and they are packed during lunch, plus lots of people are getting take out! It is the favorite Japanese place for many of my colleagues!

              1. re: HelenB

                The mods should close this thread. Every time I see a post pop up I get concerned that my favorite local sushi restaurant has gone under. The fact is that the restaurant is not closed and I think the thread heading may lead to the wrong impression.