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Dec 14, 2009 03:30 AM

Ladies Night Out Where To Meet Between Tenafly & Piermont?

Looking for a good fun place to hang out and chat with some friends, good appetizers, reasonable pricing is a must, a bar you can sit and eat at. I saw a few posts on Paulies in Closter, that's one choice, any others to add to the mix?

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  1. Porter House just opened a branch of their Montvale Pub-style place in Norwood in the old Jose O'Reilly's. Seems like just about halfway, and has decent pub food. (and a bar).

    1. There is this Irish pub type place On Oak Tree Rd (between Piermont Rd and 303) I think is the Oak Tree Inn. The food was very good the last time we went in for a happy hour.

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        Thanks NJ. I went there once and had an ok cheese steak sandwich. It's too close to me, to far for my friend to travel. I wouldn't mind, but I know she will want somewhere more in between. Has anyone been to Paulies? I've read some stuff here, but not to detailed.

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          If you don't mind casual Italian.....

          They are the same owners of the old Roman Cafe in Harrington Park, which is now called Dino's Restaurant

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            paulies is ok---crowds seem to love it, though i think it's not all that special...have you looked into Harvest ? It's on Schralenberg as well-right by old hook road- and has live jazz some nights...

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              Haven't been to Harvest. Looking for something where we could have a a couple of drinks and appetizers for 40.00 or less.

        2. If Porter House doesn't suit you, there is also Dimora on Piermont Road in Norwood. Looks like that one also meets your criteria above.

          Paulies is pretty awful IMHO.

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            We were orignially going to go to Dimora, then I looked at their online menu, penne vodka $19.00 a bit outragous IMHO.

              1. re: michele cindy

                I could live with the high prices, but not their careless attitudes @ Dimora.


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                  Andiamo in Haworth is a bit less spendy than Dimora, the food is good, you could get better bar pies there than Paulie's, and they do have a good sized bar. It might work for you.

              2. The decision has been made. They've chosen Buon Gusto in Closter. I've never been there. From what I read it's not going to be a night chatting at a bar, but it will be good just the same, sitting at a table with my friends, and a nice byob wine. If you've been there, let me know. Do you need, or take reservations?

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                  I'd call ahead and ask if they take reservations. My wife and I have tried to go there on a number of occasions as a walk-in without success- they aren't big and fill up early. We did manage to get in one time by getting there early. It is the definition of a small local place with a very loyal following- we were treated as regulars even though we weren't, the owners stopped at the table to chat, and the food was solid.

                  Enjoy your evening, and I hope it works out well.

                  1. re: TongoRad

                    Buon Gusto is downright cramped but worth it. The food is above average and the service is fine. Problem is it gets quite loud when the dining room is full so be prepared.

                2. There is NO bar in Buon Gusto, BTW. It's a BYOB.